Rad Tech Minutes 2020-07-02

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Lynn Felhofer
Kinson Ho
Andrei Leontiev
Steve Nichols
Kevin O'Donnell


Finalized the Balloted CP's and addressed the comments
    • CP-RAD-432 – Jonathan Whitby will update the diagram provided in the CP to reflect proposed change
    • CP-RAD-435 – accepted changed suggested in the comment
    • CP-RAD-424 – modify text to address comment 1 from Lynn and make the wording consistent. Lynn withdrawn suggestion to change in comment 2 but committee added clarification text in 2nd table.
    • CP-RAD-441 – further update wording to clarify the current DICOM requirements and their applicability for IHE profile.
Reviewed proposed Table of Contents of the RAD TF volume 3 presented by Lynn and provided feedback. Lynn will engage volume editors to further validate her changes.