Rad Tech Minutes 2020-06-04

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Wim Corbijn
Lynn Felhofer
Kinson Ho
Nichole Knox
Andrei Leontiev
Kevin O'Donnell
Antje Schroeder
Jonathan Whitby


  • Review MRRT profile and proposal to approve it for Final Text
    • Kinson will complete questionnaire and follow up on the RadReport experience with Dr. Chuck Kahn, Chris Carr and Susan Paull.
  • DBT and SWF.b
    • Nichole will follow up with Dr. Roth about scheduling an IHE Rad Planning committee call to vote on the proposal to move these 2 Trial Implementation Supplements to Final Text. Needs to happen within next 2 weeks. Impacts Final Text publication.
  • Review Assigned CPs:
    • CP-RAD-410 - XCA-I is out of date for Async and template (Lynn)
      • Lynn will continue working on this and we will review again at a future call.
  • Cancellation of CP-431 was confirmed