Rad Tech Minutes 2018-09-07

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  • Attendees
    • Kinson Ho (Change Healthcare)
    • Johnathan Whitby (Vital/Canon)
    • Antje Schroeder (Siemens Healthineers)
    • David Kwan (CCO)
    • Hamid Neshat (Agfa)
    • Kevin O'Donnell (Canon)
    • Lynn Felhofer (IHE Radiology Technical Project Manager)
    • Mike Bohl (Radiology Group PC SC)
    • Nakano Shinichi (JIRA)
    • Scott Hadley
    • Teri Sippel Schmidt (Marquette/MCW)
    • Valentina Gorokhova (HDIRS)
    • Chris Carr (RSNA)
    • Nichole Knox (RSNA)


Reviewed the following proposals and provided story points estimate:

Reviewed the following proposal briefly:

Action item:

  • Kevin will help Scott to expand the breakdown of tasks for the Respiratory Correlated Imaging proposal
    • TC will review the task breakdown on Sept 18