Rad Tech Minutes 2016-12-13

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  • Kinson Ho, McKesson
  • Wim Corbijn, Philips
  • Elliot Silver, McKesson
  • Hamid Neshat, Agfa
  • Ken Meyer, Merge
  • Kevin O'Donnell, Toshiba
  • Lynn Felhofer, Technical Project Manager
  • Nichole Drye-Mayo, RSNA


  • CP Maintenance Review and Next Steps
    • IHE Rad CP Tracking Spreadsheet
      • Top CPS to work on: 189, 254, 281, 293, 309, 312, 314, 320, 371
      • CP-RAD-317 moved to assigned; Kinson Ho
      • CP-RAD-254 withdrawn
      • CP-RAD-281 assigned to Ken Meyer. Confirm if submitted proposal matches newest text.
      • CP-RAD-312 check with Keith Boone and draft clarifying text.
      • CP-RAD-309 assigned to Teri. Follow up with Teri to determine if she or a Karos colleague can complete.
      • CP-RAD-312 assigned to Teri. Follow up.
      • CP-RAD-362_02 assigned to Lynn Felhofer. Portable media importer section updated. Move to completed.
      • CP-RAD-343 moved to completed.
      • CP-RAD-371 assigned to Ken Meyer
      • CP-RAD-328 and 346 dropped from top 10 CPS to work on this year.

  • Schedule Radiology CP Review and Voting call on 12/21, 10am-12pm CT
    • Review CPS in completed folder that should be balloted. Send ballot 1st week in January. 4 approved that need to be formatted and 4 ready for publishing.

  • Note for February 2016 meeting agenda
    • Identify SWF.b CPS to get addressed since they will become road blocks for Final Text.
    • Need to determine how HL7 v2 issues will be resolved.