Rad Tech Minutes 2011-03-22

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  • Ellie Avraham - Philips
  • Anthony Brockman - Jefferson Radiology
  • Chris Carr - RSNA
  • David Clunie - Corelab Partners
  • Jonathan Dreyer - Nuance
  • Lynn Felhofer - Tech Mgt Group
  • David Heaney - McKesson
  • Kinson Ho - Agfa
  • Paul Morgan - Fujifilm
  • Kevin O'Donnell - Toshiba
  • Antje Schroeder - Siemens
  • Jerry Wallis - Mallinckrodt Inst. of Radiology

Quorum attained. (See roster.)


1) Agenda Review

  • Add joint discussion with Cardiology Technical Committee of CP213 and MRRT white paper at 1-3pm today
  • Add one hour discussion of XCA-I comments on Friday morning

2) Imaging Object Quality Control and Maintenance - Kinson Ho, lead editor

  • Kinson and David Heaney recorded comments in draft and tracked disposition of comments

3) Management of Radiology Report Templates - Kevin O'Donnell, lead editor

  • Reviewed draft of white paper with Cardiology Technical Committee
  • Kevin O'Donnell recorded comments from members of both committees in drafts
  • Harry Solomon presented draft text for DICOM supplement to define how to develop templates compatible with HL7 CDA output
  • DICOM supplement is being developed with reference to report templates developed and published by RSNA
  • Supplement relies on HL7 Green CDA format to define templates

Radiology Technical Committee