Rad Tech Agenda 2021-01-07

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  • Approve CP Voting Packet 2021A:
    • CP-RAD-433 Clarify Discontinuation reason codeset
    • CP-RAD-434 Determine updates to SOLE due to new options specified in ITI-20
    • CP-RAD-451 RAD-108 fix MPEG media type to match DICOM requirements
    • CP-RAD-452 RAD-3 - clarify response to New/Changed Order
    • CP-RAD-454 RAD-5 Keys Clarification
    • CP-RAD-455 SWF.b Section Number Fixes
  • CP-RAD-457 SOLE: update to enable ITI-20 FHIR Feed semantics
  • CP-RAD-458 SOLE: Add codes for AI and AIW-I