Rad Tech Agenda 2017-03-03-27

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  • Focus on the following:
    • 1. RAD-Y1: 4.Y1. Mapping of Priority and statuses of findings (I will fix numbering of all sections, again, if we agree to this approach). Correspondingly, need to verify the OBX-8 flag (or removal of) in each of the OBX segments.
    • 2. RAD-Y2: Discuss the use of "Ordering Provider" and "Entered xxx" in the ORC segment. If everyone agrees, this transaction can be completed. Specifically the use of another ROL segment type RP for the original imaging study orderer.
    • 3. RAD-Y3: call with Elliot on Monday afternoon, you should just review on your own schedule, all changes from last call already added
    • 4. RAD-Y3: Table 4.Y3. Mapping from ORM to FHIR added. needs basic review.
    • 5. RAD-Y4: Do we actually create a Communication Resource on the Alert Reporter? yes, right? Review content.
    • 6. RAD-Y5: This one is still rough, please set your expectations accordingly. Should this be an ORR message, not an ORM?!? Need to decide if we want to use multiple repeating OBR segments per alert or one status for the plan of accepted/rejected? Need to discuss the roles of ordering and interpreting physicians in the context of a PLAN order.
    • 7. Review proposed plan going forward

  • PROPOSED Plan going forward:
    • 1. Monday, March 27th - final review of all transaction, garner enough comments/thoughts to finish RAD-Y2, RAD-Y4, RAD-Y5 afterwards.
    • 2. Week of March 27th - Teri sends out emails occasionally with "TC go review RAD-Yn" online messages (ie., re-review each transaction via Google doc comments one by one)
    • 3. Tuesday, April 4th - (next tcon) - re-review updated Vol 1 material (we could vote to go to PC here???!?!)
    • 4. April 6th - Teri sends out emails occasionally with "TC go review Volume 1" online via Google doc comments
    • 5. Schedule call for April 11th to review any STOP THE PRESSES issues in Vol 1 or Vol 2 and VOTE TO APPROVE TO GO TO PUBLIC COMMENT
    • 6. April 13th - Mary updates document within Google doc and downloads as pdf to use for Public Comment version (needs discussion and Mary's agreement)