Rad TF Maintenance 2015-16

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Target Dates:

  • Publish CP Ballot in early-Jan 2016 (for CPs needed for IHE-Europe Connectathon in April 2016)
    • Allow adequate time at the Nov F2F Meeting to prep for this
  • Publish CP Ballot at end-of-April 2016
  • Incorporate FT CPs into updated TF released July 2016

Number of outstanding CPs:

  • 59 Assigned CPs to work on (up from 47 last cycle)
  • For specifics refer to [1] and sort by Status
  • (about 2/3 are stagnant) Should do a review of dormant CPs and confirm or re-assign (to non-authors of profiles)
  • Consider organizing batches of CPs around themes (Profile or topic) so we can get relevant domain experts on that call and keep them engaged
  • 0 Completed CPs that failed ballot and need to be reworked
  • 9 Submitted CPs to review/assign (as of Sept 10)
  • 6 Final Text CPs to confirm have been incorporated into TF

List of "non-trivial" CPs:

  • CP-304 : Add Multiple Identity Resolution Option to SWF.b
  • a couple of order-related CPs for CDS that may be long (not complex?)
  • CP-RAD-328: Add OBR/ORC setmges to RAD -35
  • CP-RAD-329: RAD-# needs to expand ORC-2 specification (HL7 v2.5.1 sematics)
  • CP_RAD-309: OBX Optinality in RAD-1,2,4
  • CP-314 MHD-I vs FHIR DSTU2 dependencies - might be simple change? but examples need rework in any case - might have to wait for ITI work on MHD

List of outstanding items not yet submitted as CPs:

  • 4 more will be submitted soon for MRRT
  • emails from U of Mainz (Dr. Mildenberger) with new as well
  • Will submit one for MRRT new capabilities for optional conditions and another for business names

List of other maintenance tasks:

  • Add 2 (estimated) FT Supplements to TF
  • Repeat TOP TEN CPs process
  • note that the list of CPs is increasing, not decreasing
  • CP author distribution
  • IHE-J National Extension document may need additional work (focus on SWF.b)
  • Cleanup of Cross-Referencing to ITI (they renumbered their sections)
  • MIMA needs to be updated to SWF.b (CP-304)

  • complete IHE Rad CDS important, outstanding CPs and create new CPs which are a result of the IHE GAO public comment review
  • new appendix and mapping table for how CDS-OAT maps to GAO; (lower priority in terms of implementation) - maybe send this bullet back to PCC
  • review additional public comments which came in July after TI (approximately 20+ from Cerner);
  • acknowledge that the rate of CPs will be high and will need to be addressed quickly;
  • new CMS clarifications are supposed to be coming out soon which will result in yet more CPs
  • 4hours at face-to-face? - Need new owner, preferably with both domain knowledge and technical skills?
  • complete IHE Rad RRR-WF: finish reviewing all public comments, publish for TI
  • Ideally, this should be completed prior to the kick-off meeting in Nov.

  • Adoption of new IHE Templates for Tech Framework
    • An upcoming forcing function will be when we make Final Text any of the new supplements that have used the new supplement template which is intended to align with the new TF Template.
  • Profile Pages on Wiki
  • Suggest to DCC that maybe these should be posted to Wikipedia for greater visibility?
  • Although Google finds it on wiki.ihe.net
  • IHE would lose some control if it's on Wikipedia and they might not like our "practical details" section.
  • In any case, Job #1 is to get the text written.
  • In practical terms, the author of the profile likely has to be involved.
  • Build it into the Webinar work?
  • Assign this as offline work for any TC members who do not have a profile this cycle (Antje volunteers to help)

7. Risks

  • Risk of effort spent on updating existing Supplements and TF to match new templates being low return-on-investment. (although it does have some payoff in terms of easier to read/understand spec for implementers, possibly lower error rate, and it will reduce work for volume editors folding new template supplements into the TF if the TF is aligned.)

9. Tech Cmte Evaluation

Effort Evaluation (as a % of Tech Cmte Bandwidth):

Total Maintenance load

  • 50%
  • 35% baseline CP and maint load and CDS completion (not including GAO map)
  • 15% for SWF.b (identified as a separate proposal.)
  • Planning Cmte can choose to drop the SWF.b CP work in order to work on more profiles instead.

Candidate Coordinator:

Kevin O'Donnell