Rad TF Maintenance 2013-14

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  • Publish CP Ballot in early-Jan 2014 (for CPs needed for IHE-Europe Connectathon in April 2014)
    • Allow adequate time at the Nov F2F Meeting to prep for this
  • Publish CP Ballot at end-of-April 2014
  • Incorporate FT CPs into updated TF released July 2014

Number of outstanding CPs:

  • 47 Assigned CPs to work on
  • For specifics refer to Tracking Doc and sort by Status
  • (about 2/3 are stagnant) Should do a review/triage of dormant CPs and cancel or re-start
  • 0 Completed CPs that failed ballot and need to be reworked
  • 4 Submitted CPs to review/assign (as of Oct 8 when this was due)
  • 268 Missequenced Subsection in Rad-8
  • IOCM Series level query clarification
  • XDS-I.b Fix Namespaces in Rad69 sample
  • XDS-I.b Clarify Coding Scheme Designator
  • 10 Final Text CPs to confirm have been incorporated into TF

List of "non-trivial" CPs:

  • CP-xxx : Refactor Rad-69 (Chris Lindop) - error responses not aligned appropriately

List of outstanding items not yet submitted as CPs:

  • see the Rad-69 refactoring above

List of other maintenance tasks:

  • Cleanup of Cross-Referencing to ITI (they renumbered their sections)
  • Adoption of new IHE Templates for Tech Framework
    • An upcoming forcing function will be when we make Final Text any of the new supplements that have used the new supplement template which is intended to align with the new TF Template.
  • Add 2 FT Supplements to TF (and any made FT next year)
  • R2/RE Harmonization?

7. Risks

  • Risk of effort spent on updating existing Supplements and TF to match new templates being low return-on-investment.

9. Tech Cmte Evaluation

Effort Evaluation (as a % of Tech Cmte Bandwidth):

  • 40% - based on allowing time to delve into clearing the stagnant CP backlog, and look into aligning the TF with the new TF Template (assuming we can get a primary editor for that task)

Responses to Issues:

See italics in Risk and Open Issue sections

Candidate Editor:

Kevin O'Donnell