Rad Plan Minutes 2022-08-10

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  • Roll Call: RSNA Staff (2 minutes)
    • Brian Bialecki, American College of Radiology
    • Matt Bishop
    • Chris Carr, RSNA
    • Matthew Condron (DesAcc)
    • Monief Eid, Ministry of Health Saudi Arabia
    • Lynn Felhofer, IHE Radiology Technical Project Manager
    • Brad Genereaux, SIIM
    • Kinson Ho, Arterys
    • Kent Hutson, MD, Radiology Partners
    • Marc Kammerer (VISUS)
    • Nichole Knox, RSNA
    • David Kwan, Insygnia Consulting
    • Andrei Leontiev, Visage Imaging
    • Andrew Lewis, UW Health
    • Chris Lindop, GE
    • Steve Nichols, GE
    • Kevin O'Donnell, Canon Medical
    • Henri Primo, Primo Medical Imaging Informatics, Inc.
    • Christopher Roth, MD, Duke University
    • Antje Schroeder, Siemens Healthineers
    • Neil Tenenholtz, Microsoft
    • Alex Towbin, Department of Radiology at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
    • David Vining, MD Anderson
    • Khaled Younis, Philips

  • Voting process reminder: Kinson (1 minute)
    • Must be a member of the IHE Radiology Planning Committee and have voting rights for your vote to count for this call. However, voting in this call with help you gain voting rights for the final selection call on 9/29.

  • Profile proposal presentation process (1 minute):
    • 5 minutes per profile, 3-5 minutes discussion after

  • Five profile proposals (10 minutes a piece, tops)

  • Wrap up and voting plan (5 minutes)
    • Top four will move on to the next phase as described below.
      • The Technical Committee agreed prior to the vote to review and provide work effort recommendations and/or next steps for the top four profiles. The technical committee has three calls scheduled to review detailed profile proposals to provide effort estimates. Proposal editors need to expand their proposal using the attached detailed proposal template and propose the breakdown of tasks and estimated effort on the corresponding tab of the following Google Sheet link. If you have any questions about this contact secretary@ihe.net. The deadline to complete is August 24, 11:59pm CDT.


Score 1st Choice 2nd Choice 3rd Choice Total Top Four
B. Enhanced SOLE for AI 0 2 4 6
C. SWF on FHIR 0 0 2 2
D. Realtime Bidirectional Communication 15 2 3 20 1st
E. Management of Sensitive Images (MOSI) 6 2 1 9 4th
F. Reporting Worklist Prioritization 6 6 0 12 2nd
G. Imaging Diagnostic Report 3 8 0 11 3rd