Rad Plan Minutes 2015-09-02

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  • Deb Woodcock (Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU)
  • Michael Kopinsky (Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU)
  • Teri Sippel Schmidt (Karos Health)
  • Michael Bohl (Radiology Group)
  • Antje Schroeder (Siemens)
  • Ben Macerola (Infoway)
  • Chris Lindop (GE)
  • David Kwan (Canadian Care Ontario)
  • Isabelle Gibaud (Syndicat Interhospitalier de Bretagne (GIP-SIB))
  • Mauro Zanardini (Arsenal.IT)
  • Cezary Klimczak (Leafsprout)
  • Jerry Wallis (Society of Nuclear Medicine)
  • Alicia Vasquez (California Medical Business Services)
  • Elliot Silver (McKesson)
  • Jeff Pohlhammer (Philips)
  • Charles Parisot (GE)
  • Steve Moore (Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology)
  • Mark Sinke (Forcare Holding BV)
  • Diane Larwood, Mohawk Shared Services
  • David Clunie (PixelMed)
  • Brad Erickson, MD (RSNA Clinical)
  • David Mendelson, MD (RSNA Clinical)
  • Krishna Juluru, MD (RSNA Clinical)
  • Kevin O'Donnell (Toshiba)
  • Brad Genereaux (Agfa)
  • Chris Carr (RSNA)
  • Jamie Kontos (RSNA)
  • Nichole Drye-Mayo (RSNA)


This is a voting call. The goal of the Planning Committee is to review and vote on the IHE Radiology Profile Proposals for the 2015-2016 development cycle.

Voting results: The top 6 scoring proposals have been short-listed

  • F. Structured and Coded (Synoptic) Radiology Report Content Profile: score 129
  • B. Cross-Enterprise Reporting for Imaging: score 116
  • G. Enterprise Scanner Protocol Management: score 108
  • H. Standardized Operational Log of Events (SOLE): score 102
  • E. Scheduled Workflow (SWF.b) across-the-board CP clean up: score 98
  • C. REM for Radiopharmaceutical Imaging: score 95
  • J. Critical Finding Follow-up and Communication: score 94
  • K. Change Proposal to Reconcile XDS-1.B WITH XDS.b: score 80
  • I. Federated DICOM Query Retrieve: score 78

Click here to see the total tally spreadsheet