Rad Plan Minutes 2011-11-29

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  • Chris Carr, RSNA
  • Stephen Vastagh, DICOM/MITA
  • Niki Wirsz, PhD, Siemens
  • Heinz Lemke, ICCAS
  • John Ward, McKesson
  • Harry Solomon, GE Healthcare
  • David Mendelson, MD, RSNA
  • David Avrin, MD, PhD, RSNA
  • Takashi Nakashima, FujiFilm
  • Yutaka Emoto, IHE-J
  • Minora Hosoba, IHE-J
  • Alexis Tzannes, Aware, Inc.
  • Paul Morgan, FujiFilm MS USA
  • Elliot Sloane,
  • Marius Petruc, University of MO, Columbia
  • Charles Parisot, GE Healthcare
  • Evert Sanders, IHE-NL
  • Elizabeth Krupinski, University of AZ/SIIM
  • David Clunie
  • Paul Nagy,MD, Johns Hopkins
  • Brad Erickson, MD, Mayo Clinic
  • Jonathan Kruger, Krucom
  • Lapo Bertini, IHE Italy
  • Steve Munie, Pinehurst Radiology
  • Chris Lindop, GE


  • Schedule IHE-J Extension Conference Call
  • Schedule IHE Radiology/Cardiology Committee Mtg on US Report in March
  • Schedule discussion on complimentary surveys for SIIM and NEMA
  • Draft RFP Tech Assessment Language
  • IHE Surgery - H. Lemke has funding from German Government for integrated OR of future
  • Society as sponsor
  • Effort to organize industry
  • IHE Cardiology proposed enhancements to SWF
  • Add issues of PIDS/att PIDS to MWL
  • Cardiology to Propose CPs
  • RFP Language
  • Review user guide to see whether sufficient
  • Library to publish RFP language
  • Image Sharing Demo
  • Need clear statement of problem
  • REM/RadLex
  • Provide key points of relevance to radiologists
  • Quality (need to add)
  • RadLex/IHE Integration problem mapping RadLex to DICOM items
  • Focus on relevance to radiologists