Rad Plan Agenda 2010-09-23

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Make Brief Profile Proposals selection for evaluation by Technical Committee. Detailed questions from discussion have been added to the page linked here

Follow this criteria when voting on profile selection.

1) Is the clinical use case relevant to healthcare interoperability?

Is follow-up needed? Do I need to ask the author more details to understand?

2) If vendor: Does my company have a product provides capabilities that are relevant to this proposal?

Is follow-up needed? How could this proposal be modified to include relevance?

3) If provider: Would this profile have benefit to my practice? Would I promote to have implemented(upgrades/new purchases)?

Is follow-up needed: How could this proposal be modified to include relevance?

4) How does this fit with my company’s product roadmap?

a. Installed base (products need modification, would there be sufficient justification to upgrade?)

b. Current development( need requirements now)

c. Future

d. Not applicable

Is follow-up needed? What could be changed in order to make this profile more relevant to my product’s roadmap?

5) Is it complex? If it is complex, can it be simplified? What are the most important features of this profile that should be implemented and keep its relevance to you?

Is follow-up needed? Can you suggest re-scoping?

Management of Radiology Report Templates - Brief Proposal

Clinical Trial Annotation Workflow

Complete the work on Imaging Object Change Management

Reporting Workflow Revision - Brief Proposal

Cross-Community Access - Images (XCA-I)

Portable Hosted Applications in Radiology

SWF-Image Exchange option

Rad TF Maintenance 2010-11

Next Steps

  • Technical Committee will perform technical feasibility and work estimate
  • Technical Committee Meetings: Oct. 6, 10:00-11:30 CT; Oct. 22

Radiology Planning Committee