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IHE Radiology Plan & Tech Cmte Breakfast Meeting


Room E271
McCormick Place
Chicago, IL

Wednesday, November 28


  • Name - Member Organization
  • ...


Discussion of this years IHE Demonstrations at RSNA

  • Showcase on the floor is a big success for attracting attention
  • People come in about TCE but ask questions about other profiles like XDS-I
    • Foot in the door for the user, good marketing location, good traffic on Sun/Mon
    • 150+ people did the long demo
    • Tuesday XDS-I 100+. Less traffic than show floor
    • But stickier this year. People don't just watch and go. More sophisticated questions
      • Sign they are trying to plan/deploy?
    • Good international uptake for XDS-I
    • Demo is better organized than last year. TCE is simple and easy to understand (good entry point), XDS is more complex
    • Explanation of how the actors work, diagram, "map" of what's happening would help
    • doing a demo of one profile each year is helpful as a pointer and entry point
      • And it keeps it simple. Attendees are easily overwhelmed
      • No one complains about lack of complexity/depth in our demos :-)
      • IHE Mammo has been getting some buzz as the solution
      • Might be a good demo for next year? It's very visual which helps. They did demo at Mammo show.
      • Some discussion of demo at SIIM in May 08 (Seattle) Maybe the Mammo one from SBI and add some other IHE?
      • Choose the profile based on what's current, what's got some momentum? Ready to deploy
      • Timeline: Need to know by early Feb what we would like to do <DATE>
    • Success in booth on seeing additional profiles (chosen on their own interests)
    • Should have vendors inform cmte on IHE demo plans so we can put together a "guide" or pointers for attendees. "Program" guide.
    • Some network bugs and some interopability gaps noted this year
      • Procedure codes and use of meta-data are something we may need to address
      • Usability of XDS-I - can we do something at connectathon to do "real world usability" testing? Part of a post-connectathon brainstorming?
    • Questions about HIPAA re XDS People don't see how it would really work and demo folks have a hard time answering
      • Note this will be different in each country
      • Again, questions on "how real world works"
      • Maybe we should visit some RHIOs to find out how HIPAA works in the field so we can script appropriately
      • RSNA has brought in clinically oriented docents which helps
    • Docents have been very good this year (got a lot from Paul Nagy etc)
      • They know how this works in the real world. They're not professional presenters, but they know the material and can answer
    • Day 1 - 30 mice, then 60,
    • RSNA will provide the numbers lateer
    • Sunday interest was low for distrib demo
      • similar to last year (maybe about 15 people per day?)
      • GE signing people in in their booth which was effective
      • People come over to the IHE sign and talk, fairly busy on Monday and Tuesday
    • On distributed demo, people wanted to do distributed reporting, manage the process

New RSNA Reporting Initiative

    • Board made new committee for Structured Reporting and push members to use it and RadLex
    • IHE Reporting profiles, DICOM SR,
    • Curt Langlotz will chair the cmte and usual suspects on the committee
    • Lets keep IHE Rad coordinated with this group
    • Tech evolution - NLP,
    • Cmte will be open to non-RSNA members
    • Haven't held kick-off meeting yet
    • Want to create clinical templates for various reports as best practice
      • might be used for Speech Rec macros, or SR templates, etc.
      • They are focussed on the clinical semantics
    • Name is the "Not Structured Reporting Cmte" :-)
    • IT Cmte in DRG is also working on this topic and would like to collaborate

Recruiting HIS & RIS & Reporting Vendors

(we need more - especially HL7 Expertise)

    • need to have IHE features that will move their product
    • Is it because we're at RSNA? Would HIMSS help?
    • Our current profiles doesn't solve their problems.
    • Go to MedQuist? Others?
    • May need to have a subcommittee to avoid chaff in their face, or at least a focussed meeting
    • Chicken-egg: HIS RIS doesn't see the demand in RFPs
    • to they extent they are not Radiology specific, we may want a cross-domain cmte
    • radiology is often carved out as a separate reporting space
    • DICOM is of "mixed-benefit", make sure it's clear we are open to wider standards if we do this under Radiology
    • Need to deal with local requirements on RIS since it feels a lot of the local regs/practices
    • Europe is doing a better job of getting IHE into RFPs (for RIS) You might lose the deal if you don't have it. U.S. customers will let you get around it.
    • In Europe, companies are being driven to the Connectathon by RFP demands
    • But Mod-PACS participated prior to RFP
      • in Mod-PACS, the integration pain is overhead, in RIS-HIS, it's part of the business model
      • Mod-PACS aims for stability
      • SWF, HIS RIS participates in the forward path but doesn't see much value in listening to the return path
    • HL7 is more the venue the HIS-RIS groups work in? Should we be recruiting there?
    • Hold a focussed meeting to discuss what the needs of HIS-RIS are and what work would it take to get them to sit around the table for profile development
    • Might be able to get Leora Auschler to pull in some HL7 people
    • Our core group, if properly turned out is enough to hold the meeting. Would like to get more.

Governance Progress

    • Get your apps in
    • Need to apply for Rad Domain

Review Profile Registry Database

    • Vendors can publish their statements
    • Customers can search for systems
    • Committees can use it to find uptake of profile
    • Also Connectathon results
      • Participant can see results at the system level
      • Public can see the participation/success level
  • 1Q2008 will have prototype
    • Contribute Query examples
      • Can we keep track of queries? What are people searching for?
        • Stats will be recorded
      • Should we have a survey? When do users think they will install/use the profiles?
    • Flags for currently available, flags for installed?
    • Should we have also a "user activity database"
      • They could record their projects and timelines and plans
      • Could use it as a "call for comments" from a customer when they express interest in a plan
      • Might not want to publish too widely
      • Vendors in product registry could add details about how many installations they have or sites, details of customers might be restricted information (Privacy, marketing), might only do numbers, might only do reference site
    • Schedule a meeting (Feb?) to discuss rollout plans, trial input before going public
      • Registry can generate your PDF, do vendors need to do this separately

International Participation in Profile development

    • IHE-J can't attend because of Connecthon
    • Prefer to use documents than T-Cons
    • Rad Tech will prepare a question list in December
    • IHE-J will prepare a "wishlist/issuelist" for January, and also the answers to the question list
    • Need to document both the clinical need (required), and the solution (optional)
    • Schedule T-Con in January

IHE-J Appendix

  • Issue with the name coding, default to ASCII

Rad. Dose Discussions

    • Profile in Progress
    • Comments from MITA X-Ray and CT Section Meetings on Monday

Schedule Workflow Discussions

    • Focus on Mammography Acquisition Workflow Specialization
    • Focus on reviewing Schedule Workflow - Where is it now?
      • Need to get the use cases clear - what clinical issues, what technical issues
      • First call will

IHE RO work/overlap on Image Fusion

    • Dr. Wallis and Chris L. will do a review to see what's up
    • Then put on TC agenda (evaluation), followed by PC
  • Lack of uptake on Fusion
    • May need to plan a demo at SNM? as an incentive. Might have to be RSNA?
    • Put on PC Agenda

Radiology Planning Cmte CoChair Elections

  • Need to send out call for nominations (Sponsor?)
  • Schedule vote