QRPH Tech Tcon Minutes 2011-02-04

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  • Amit Popat
  • Didi Davis
  • Nitin Oz
  • John Eichwald
  • Lisa Nelson
  • Wendy Scharber
  • Anna Orlova
  • Lori Fourquet
  • Will have discussion next week to possibly withdraw PIX/PDQ.
  • Wendy Scharber will upload PRPH-Ca
  • EDHI proposal and subject of changes will be sent to committee Monday night in time for Tuesday morning review with PCC
  • If not enough progress has been made on proposals may have to withdraw and convert to white papers
  • Email to group with updates above; also next week is voting meeting so quorum is needed
  • Participation will determine how much work gets done.
  • Reviewed the meeting agenda for next week. On Monday, the co-chair committee got a new template so the committee will walk thru the template. Will take an existing QRPH profile and PCC profile and contrast with the new template. Will make it easier for developers to read and understand.
  • Volume I did not change much from proposal presented in November. Just need to be sure this is the direction Public Health wants to go in. Anna will send to Nichole to upload to ftp for review before meeting on Tuesday morning.
  • Showcase issues will be discussed Monday with GE and EPIC.