QRPH Tech Minutes 2016-05-06

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  • Derek Ritz, ecGroup
  • Amit Popat, Epic
  • John Stamm
  • John Eichwald, CDC
  • Vijay Shah,
  • Lamah Asadullah, SDC Team
  • Lauren Caruso, SDC Team
  • Lauren Lemieux, ACOG
  • Lynn Felhofer, QRPH TPM
  • Richard Moldwin, CAP
  • Steve Moore, Mallinckrodt
  • Lisa Nelson
  • Chris Carr
  • Perri Smith, SDC Team, Supports FHIR Profile
  • Swapna Bhatia, SDC Team
  • Nichole Drye-Mayo


  • Structured Data Capture (SDC)
    • Published in 2014 as a profile for TI; used that version in 2015 Connectathon, HIMSS and ASCO. Identified gaps and other things needed to do. Submitted 2 CPs last year focused on findings.
  • Making change to form definition model (primary fremework for SDC based on understanding and business cases)(missing components withhin the transaction model; heard from implementers there was additional information they want to see in profile so they can get others involved without them having to go into a lot of background information.
    • SDC Pilot Projects - made significant changes to form definition model, new schema file shared earlier, much more modular and optional features required by SDC; reviewing those schema changes; implementers in the process of implementing in their systems. Form managers, fillers, over the course of next weeks we will be able to get some good feedback on what works/not works. Want to have feedback from pilot project and public be combined before finalizing profile and publish August time frame. Will be much more implementable for testing at the upcoming Connectathon and demos.
    • Documentation issue.
      • Action: Vijay, Amit and Lisa will meet and discuss further during Hl7 Connectathon/Meeting. Lynn needs to be involved in conversations. Lynn can mock up what the QRPH transaction would be based on discussions. Lynn will send info to group on 5/11 for review.
    • IHE SDC Profile Updates Proposed Timeline
      • Need to turn proposal into real timeline so co-chairs can negotiate with Mary regarding publishing for public comment/trial implementation
      • May 27: Updated draft ready for IHE QRPh Review.
      • June 17, 2016: Updated profile published for public comments
      • July 16, 2016: Public Comments period ends
      • August 19, 2016: Comments disposition complete and updated profile ready for publishing
      • September 30, 2016: IHE Profile v2.0 published for Trial Implementation
      • January 23-27, 2017: IHE Connectahton 2017 - send updated timeline tuesday 5/10
    • Will determine if we need a 5/13 call by 5/11.
    • SDC will definitely be a topic on the 5/20 call.