QRPH Tech Minutes 2015-12-18

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  • EHDI-WD move progress (Lisa Nelson)
    • Lisa has completed all her action items
    • Next step: Lynn F will review updated doc
    • Nichole will add CPs to FTP (CP Assigned Folder)
    • Nichole will email Laura B to make the move and follow through on her action items.

  • EHCP deprecation remaining issues (wiki updates)
    • Nichole needs to add the actor diagrams to the profile pages; will complete week of 12/21.

  • The proposed NANI update approach
    • Lisa will take this recommendation to CDC: Eliminate QRPH NANI Publish QRPH-35 in favor of using NANI Feed QRPH-34 to communicate between New Born Admission Notification Manager and Newborn Admission Notification Subscriber.