QRPH Tech Minutes 2015-10-02

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  • Bjorn Schreiweis (University Hospital of Heidelberg)
  • John Stamm (Epic)
  • James Karikui (CDC)
  • Derek Ritz (ecGroup)
  • Lori Fourquet (e-HealthSign, LLC)**
  • Vijay Shah (JBS International)**
  • Laura Bright (Ready Computing)
  • Lisa Nelson (Life Over Time Solutions, LLC)
  • Michelle Williamson (CDC)

Non voting: Steve Moore, Jamie Kontos, Vijay Shah, Lori Fourquet

Quorum reached: 6 voting members, only 4 needed


  • Vote on submitted CPs to accept and approve as complete.

Motion To accept assigned CPs 129, 130, and 131 as complete and Reject 0115.

  • Michelle made the motion. Lisa seconded.
    • 6 for
    • 0 against
    • 0 abstain