QRPH Tech Minutes 2011-11-04

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  • Nitin Kunte, Oz Systems
  • Nathan Gray, Cerner
  • Terese Finitzo, Oz Systems
  • Amit Popat, Epic
  • LaShawn Edwards, RSNA
  • Gora Datta, Cal2Cal
  • Nichole Drye-Mayo, RSNA
  • John Eichwald, CDC
  • Lori Fourquet, eHealth Sign
  • Michelle Williamson, CDC
  • Didi Davis, Serendipity Health
  • Landen Bain, CDISC
  • Roy Hightower, Greenway Medical
  • Mark Arratoon, GE
  • Chris Moore, Yale
  • Gary Walker, Quintiles
  • Xidong Deng, CDC
  • Eric Larsen
  • Krystal C., Cerner
  • Lisa Nelson
  • Patty Craig, Joint Commission


  • Let the committee review this document and prepare questions/discussion for face to face.
  • QRPH Committee election results - Nichole / Chris
  • Landen Bain new planning committee co-chair.
  • If not significant changes, no additional public comment needed.
  • Will discuss further with committee.
  • Review QRPH timelines and process
  • Reviewed Chris Moore's QRPH timeline
  • Link to the page should be on top of QRPH page instead of being buried
  • Defer Showcase discussion to the 11/11/11 call.