QRPH Tech Minutes 2011-10-28

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  • Amit Popat
  • Landen Bain
  • Dan Levy
  • Gora Datta
  • Chris Moore
  • Wendy Scharber
  • Nathan Gray
  • Terese Finitzo
  • Nitin Kunte
  • Xidong Deng
  • Michelle Williamson
  • Patty Craig
  • Anna Orlova
  • Lori Fourquet
  • Roy Hightower
  • Mark Arratoon
  • Chris Carr
  • LaShawn Edwards
  • Nichole Drye-Mayo


  • Action Items
  • Extend the QRPH Planning Committee Co-Chair election until 4pm November 3rd. Results will be announced on November 4.
  • Please submit your vote using the following form, Co-Chair Election Form
  • QRPH calendar invite was sent to the committee for review. You can also view the calendar by visiting http://www.ihe.net/calendar/.
  • At the top right hand of the Google calendar or the calendar on ihe.net, you can click on agenda in the top right hand corner of the page for a list view of action items. Please email qrph@ihe.net if you experience problems.
  • Chris M. will send email regarding the PCORI initiative to committee for feedback.
  • Committee should forward agenda items for the November 4 call to qrph@ihe.net by Wednesday, November 2, noon.
  • Agenda will be sent to the group Wednesday afternoon. One item listed below.
  • Review the proposal timeline/process.