QRPH Tech Minutes 2011-06-03

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  • Amit Popat
  • Didi Davis
  • John Eichwald
  • Lisa Nelson
  • Lori Fourquet
  • Mark Arratoon
  • Nitin Kunte
  • Terese Finitzo
  • Michelle Williamson
  • Wendy Blumenthal
  • Eddy Rospide
  • Wendy Scharber
  • Xidong


  • Status of Profiles
  • QRPH Early Hearing-loss Care Plan (EHCP) ( voted on moving forward on May 27 call)
  • QRPH Quality Measure Execution (QME-EH) - dependent on HL7 QRDA standard (voted on moving on June 1)
  • QRPH Quality Measure Definition (QMD-EH) – dependent on HL7 HQMF standard (voted on moving on June 1)
  • QRPH Physician Reporting Public Health-Cancer Registry (PRPH-Ca) (voted on moving on June 1)
  • QRPH Mother and Child Health (MCH) (voted on moving forward on May 27 call)
  • QRPH Retrieve Process for Execution (RPE)(move forward to PC)
  • What do we want to do with this as a committee? Means 2 different things depending on who you ask (implementor - research; committee - more generic) - propose splitting into two profiles. Name new RPE something that labels it more correctly - like process execution and management (PEM); in the future if we see that PEM has become robust enough, we can go back and recommend using PEM. Almost but not fully there. Comments - process questions. If we have CP process what does it mean if we don't follow up with it? Comes down to the committee to determine how we want to move forward.

What do we name what is moving forward? Also decide after that decision how we want to do additional work in future calls or July f2f.

  • Wendy Scarber motioned to discuss further. John Eichwald seconded the motion to move to a vote. Mark will fold in CPS and comments from committee. Vote to move this forward to PC.
  • Amit Popat - yes
  • Didi Davis - abstain
  • John Eichwald (CDC abstains)
  • Lori Fourquet - yes
  • Nitin Kunte - (OZ abstains)
  • Wendy Scharber - yes
  • QRPH Public Health Reporting (PH-rpt)
  • Amit Popat - yes
  • Didi Davis - yes
  • John Eichwald - yes
  • Lori Fourquet - yes
  • Nitin Kunte - yes
  • Wendy Scharber - yes

Didi motions to move forward this profile to public comment taking into account that items get folded in that were discussed today and open issues. Wendy Blumenthal seconded the motion.

  • Those voted and approved must meet the 3pm CDT June 3 submission deadline to Didi Davis. Even if approved in final vote this morning, if not submitted by that deadline, will not move forward until the next cycle.

Next Call

  • June 10, 9:30-11:00am CDT
  • Ask LB if he can attend; discuss Board Rep details; July 18-11 f2f details