QRPH Tech Minutes 2011-03-25

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  • Didi Davis
  • Terese Finitzo
  • Nitin Kunte
  • Lisa Nelson
  • Xiodong Deng
  • John Eichwald
  • Mark Arratoon
  • Patty Craig
  • Amit Popat
  • Nichole Drye-Mayo

  • Dashboard Update
  • Action: Profile authors need to confirm profile name and acronym (column A and H in the dashboard) by 4pm CDT on March 28. Information needs to be reviewed on the March 29 Domain Coordination Committee.
  • Action: Nichole will contact Teri about what document information needs to be updated in.
  • Short Profile Description Pages Have profile authors develop short profile descriptions when new trial implementation supplements are published and to fill in any missing or inadequate short descriptions
  • Vol 1 Template under development for use by domains creating their first Technical Framework document
  • IHE Education Webinar Series Schedule
  • IHE International Board Representative Election Details
  • Send nominations to secretary@ihe.net
  • Next QRPH Face to Face Meeting, May 2-6, 2011, RSNA HQ
  • Change proposal for LDS profile - Guest, Keith Boone, GE
  • Need to split out the EHDI like LDS profile. KB sent email about the LDS profile to do with the physical examination section in the LDS was referencing the existing physical exam more intended to be and adult physical exam not really designed to be a new born physical exam. work needed on the physical exam section to make better fit for newborn; inclusion of the apgar scores of the newborn and trying to figure out if there should be a difference section or where it would fit in the physical exam since it assesses a number of issues. Doesn't fit into any of the particular systems of the body as being one component.
  • Lisa Nelson described issue at Connectathon - boundary between QRPH profile that needs to consume newborn information and maybe some other information from mother in order to make profile work. Challenge at Connectathon is that pieces of information need to be available to be consumed for profile were not readily available in a single upstream content document created by one of the PCC content profiles. Pieces of information were spread across labor and delivery physical, labor and delivery summary, modular approach in LDS to create multiple documents but we need a way to coordinate or link up so that QRPH profiles can consume or know where they get the various pieces of information they need from the labor and delivery profile.
  • KB - Data that QRPH wants is going to be distributed over a number of clinical documents and captured in multiple clinical encounters across different workflows, etc. Idea that all of data is going to be found in one document for some uses is not going to be the case because its not tracked or captured that way. Look at how are the quality profiles structured so that you can take advantage of data that is captured without requiring that it all be captured in a single document. What is the mechanism by which the exchange occurs that allows you to get access to all of the data you want instead of just some of it?
  • Action Item: Joint discussion with PCC and ITI during next fact to face meeting on this topic to see what possible mechanisms we could use to resolve that particular issue.
  • Action Item: Develop a detailed list of each piece of data required by the EHDI profile to do processing. For each piece of data, need to know which upstream PCC content document contains that data - 2 column spreadsheet. (Nitin, Lori, Terese, John, Lisa Nelson, Michelle Williamson, Xiodong - 1 hour call)
  • Keith will send Nichole the link and distribute to the group. Update with additional requirements and PCC will review again.
  • Open Issues
  • Quality Case Reporting - Action: Nichole will schedule call with Mark Arratoon, Jason Colquitt, Landen Bain and Patty Craig to discuss.
  • HQMF will be in a ballot state by Connectathon so no direct impact by that time.