QRPH Tech Agenda 2011-04-08

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  • Color key to understand rows 66-75; blue - committee confirmed documents to be published; yellow - follow up with profile editors; white - republish later or in next cycle; must know by April 8th
  • Confirmed profiles Automated Selected Criteria, Quality Measure Execution (QME-EH), Quality Measure Definition (QMD-EH), Physician Reporting Public Health - Cancer Registry (PRPH-Ca), Early Hearing-loss Care Plan (EHCP), Mother and Child Health (MCH), Retrieve Process for Execution (RPE)
  • Committee needs to submit documents to Mary Jungers by 10am CDT on June 6, 2011 (QRPH designated day)
  • Testing for the “Automated Selection Criteria for Cancer Registry reporting” profile - Wendy Blumenthal, Wendy Scharber, Lisa Nelson
  • Can we move forward using HQMF, postpone or is there a third option; Schedule a call with Lori, Patty, Jason, Wendy Scharber, Wendy Blumenthal, Lisa Nelson, Didi, Amit to discuss and decide
  • IHE International Board Representative Election Details (5 minutes)
  • Announcements (10 minutes)
  • Short Profile Description Pages Have profile authors develop short profile descriptions when new trial implementation supplements are published and to fill in any missing or inadequate short descriptions
  • IHE Education Webinar Series Schedule (Tentative dates)
  • Scheduled date: September 1, 2011 at 1:00 -2:30 pm CT
  • Next QRPH Face to Face Meeting, May 2-6, 2011, RSNA HQ (Participation required through Friday, May 6 at 2pm)