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As IHE Profiles are developed they need to be promoted to:

  • Vendors who would benefit from implementing the profile in products
  • Users who would benefit from deploying the profile (by purchasing products/upgrades)
  • Standards Adoption Groups who could leverage IHE Profiles in their activities

Regional & National IHE Committees are responsible for promoting profiles to vendors and users in their region.

Domain Planning Committees are responsible for general promotion and preparing materials for the profiles they develop.

Some methods and avenues for such promotions are described here.

Trade Shows

  • RSNA - Radiological Society of North America Annual Meeting (Nov-Dec)
    • Radiology, Cardiology, ITI, RO, ...
  • HIMSS - Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society
    • HIMSS Annual Meeting (Feb)
    • HIMSS Europe (Sep-Oct)
    • HIMSS AsiaPac (May-June)
    • ITI, PCC, QRPH, PCD, Radiology, Cardiology, ...
  • SIIM - Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine (May-June)
    • Radiology, Cardiology, ITI
  • ASTRO - American Society for Radiation Oncology (Oct-Nov)
    • RO, RAD, ITI
  • CARS - Computer Assisted Radiology & Surgery (June)
    • RAD, CARD, RO, ITI, (Surg)
  • ACC - American College of Cardiology (Mar-Apr)
    • CARD, RAD, ITI

Industry Publications

  • IHE News
    • This is IHE's widest mailing list, including almost all committee and Connectathon participants
    • Domain Secretariats are able to post announcements to IHE News
  • The Standards Standard - A publication of AMIA (American Medical Informatics Association) on medical standards

Professional Societies

IHE Radiology has found the partnership with SIIM (Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine) to be very helpful. Many SIIM members are IT Administrators in Radiology Departments. Some activities that have helped include:

  • SIIM includes IHE Tracks at SIIM Conferences
  • SIIM recruits and sponsors several members each year to be monitors at the North American Connectathon
    • Actual field users of IHE get trained in the details of the profile
    • They support the Connectathon Testing process (bringing their field experience to the task)
    • Because they already have practical experience with the underlying technologies and have a direct personal stake in getting such things to work at their site, they are well-informed, well-motivated, and interested in the topic, so a small training outlay often results in a great field evangelist.

Connectathon Conferences

Both IHE North America and IHE Europe now regularly host one or two day conferences on IHE in conjunction with their annual connectathon. The advantages/synergies include:

  • Many good speakers are often available since they are attending Connectathon as participants or monitors (they are busy some of the time, but schedules can usually be juggled).
  • A tour of the Connectathon Floor is a high impact tool for impressing on people interested in IHE that it is a vital, active initiative that has already gained traction with a large numbers of companies that these people are already buying equipment from.
  • The space and registration for the conference becomes a delta on top of the Connectathon allowing for some economies of scale