Pharm Tech Minutes 2022.12.06

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  • Participants
    • Hernany Silva Costa Melo
    • Leonidas Tzimis
    • Anne van Berkel
    • Sylvia Stein
    • Stephane Spahni
    • Marc Robberecht
    • Jose Costa Teixeira
    • Michael Tan

  • Review and Approve Agenda

IHE Pharmacy workgroup health

  • strategy and future of IHE Pharmacy
    • Need to find customers who are willing to implement. We do not have any IT vendors active at Connectathons.
    • This will only happen if organizations like the pharmaceutical industry (including wholesale), hospitals and supply chain partners are forcing IT vendors to comply with these standards. We need assistance from other stakeholders in our marketing effort to promote and sell our solutions.
    • Possible entries
      • EAHP ( FMD and supply profiles are interesting: Leonidas to investigate possibilities.
      • GS1 ( combination of IHE Pharmacy standards with GS1 standards, UBP) Anne and Sylvia will discuss how to involve GS1 International organization.
      • WHO (supply, OpenHIE) Jose will approach PATH, WHO contacts.

Planning Schedule

  • Current version: Schedule 2022-2023
  • The dates for the F2F in Netherlands have been set to 2nd and 3d of March 2023

Work items

Medication Lists

  • NCPDP has approached Jose on Medication list
  • Switzerland has also worked on the medication list.
  • Can we combined the efforts and make it global.
  • Netherlands is also working on a medication list.
  • We need to store our minutes and models in one location.
  • Jose will create a repository where we store our profile.

Supply topic

  • Use cases and transactions have been defined.
  • We do not have the technical transactions yet.
  • 7 transactions
  • Expect to finish end of the year.
  • Need additional slides to explain what the transactions are to provide.
  • Need a new serie of calls. Sylvia acutally organizes the meetings.
  • Next call is for December 15th 3:30 pm. Leonidas has to be invited.

Any other business

  • EAHP has agreed to send 1 representative to IHE Pharmacy. Leonidas will retire in March 2023. The successor is not known yet.
  • Nictiz in intending to add an extra representative to IHE Pharmacy. This person might be a candidate co-chair for IHE Pharmacy. Esther Peelen is a possible candidate.
  • ISO will review prescriptions (ISO/TS 17523) and dispenses (ISO/TS 19293). These are logical models. Jose and Michael are involved.