Pharm Tech Minutes 2020.12.04

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  • Participants
    • Esther
    • Marc
    • Jose
    • Michael
  • Review and Approve Agenda
  • Review minutes previous meetings
  • Vaccination calls have been scheduled, but sometimes collide with the technical committee meetings
    • shift vaccination calls after the technical committee calls.

F2F meetings

  • Belgian IHE plugathon has taken place.
  • World summit is postponed to the next connectathon
  • Belgium is now very active and contributing to the community.
  • How does the collaboration between HL7 and IHE materialize?

Documentation Publication topics

  • Presentation of HTML IHE pages by John Moerkhe
  • In this method a manual is written and published in html.

It is not mandatory and this direction will only taken up with new topics.

Medication lists

  • The first meeting has taken place.
  • need to make notes for tracing and logging. Wiki has been made ready.
  • Jose will capture the logical models in a implementation guide.

Vaccination topic

This serie of scheduled calls will commence Friday 18th December.


  • Work is ongoing. Logical model have been completed.
    • product
    • items
    • transactions.

Discussion with HL7, JIC, GS1 and Patient Care about functionality and gaps. Resulted in a new work item within HL7 for alignment'


  • UNICOM will provide requirements for a product catalogue.
  • Rik Smithies has produced FHIR resources for EMA, which are usable for EMA, but not for other stakeholders.
  • Jose is providing resources and change requests to prepare for this.


  • Reporting on the Belgian plugathon
  • Best practices set up by Michael Nussbaum. Need to find a new lead.
  • Collaboration between US and Europe. Some companies will join the US connectathon instead of the European Connectathon.
  • Decision for the next European connectathon has to taken soon to be able to organize the event. Next venue will be the Czech republic.

Any other business

  • Esther Peelen will change jobs ( from GS1 to Nictiz).
  • Hans Lunenborg will replace Esther.

Pharmacy Technical Committee