Pharm Tech Minutes 2019.03.22

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  • Participants
  • Jürgen Brandstätter
  • Stephane Spahni
  • Leonidas Tzimis
  • Review and Approve Agenda
  • Approved
  • Approved

Schedule / F2F meetings

  • Preparation of April F2F ==
  • Meeting on Wednesday 10th / Thusday 11th April 2019 Rennes
  • Organizationsl status
  • Stephane: All is arranged (Room, Catering, Badges, etc.)
  • Preparing agenda
  • Action item: Assemble a draft agenda (Jürgen)
  • Schedule, Roadmap, Strategic goals
  • New and present work items
  • Finalize Supply chain whitepaper
  • ADER
  • FHIR: Gemini, MMA, UPB, Future?
  • Medication Information Sharing / Unicom
  • Setting profiles to "Final text"
  • What to do about F2F June/ joint meeting ITI, PCC, QRPH in July
  • Status
  • No information on signed MoU with Treviso yet
  • Action item: Follow-up with Sarah Bell (Jürgen)

Collaboration on e-Precription (WHO CEN collaboration Digital Health)

  • Status
  • There was a meeting of IPS at 19th March Bruxelles
  • No information available


  • Progress webinar activities
  • Status
  • No status available, because Esther not present
  • Should be worked on in F2F meeting Rennes
  • Action item: Ask Esther to prepare status report / preparation to do some work in Rennes (Jürgen)

New work item

  • Unicom project (Stephane)
  • EU Horizon 2020 project: "Upscaling the global identification of medicines"
  • Follow up of "OpenMedicine" project
  • Quite large: 90M€ over 3-4 years
  • Administative coordinator: Empirica
  • IHE Europe was asked to participate to this EU project, operationally lead by EU Affairs
  • Not yes approved, currently in proposal phase
  • Needs involvement of IHE Pharmacy experts
  • In form of subcontracting to IHE Europe / EU Affairs
  • Question to IHE Pharmacy about a feasible fee
  • Discussion
  • Formally, IHE Pharmacy as committee cannot participate in such projects
  • Members of the group may participate on individual basis
  • Question on fee can not be answered, depends on individual
  • What can we offer to EU Affairs, once the project is approved:
  • Option 1: Circulating this "opportunity for engagement" to all IHE Pharmacy members, to offer themselves as consultant to EU Affairs
  • Option 2: Provide the list of IHE Pharmacy members to EU Affairs, EU Affairs chooses and picks individuals to contact or issues "opportunity for engagement" themselves
  • Decision: IHE Pharmacy contact to EU Affairs is Stephane Spahni
  • Action item: Inform EU Affairs about discussion and the options we can offer (Stephane)

Present Work items

  • Adverse Drug Event Reporting (ADER) (Michael)
  • Status
  • No status because Michael is not present
  • Stephane: Received several inquiries how to document adverse events, would like to cover this topic at F2F
  • Action item: Ask Michael to prepare status report / preparation to do some work in Rennes (Jürgen)
  • Supply Flow Profile (Esther)
  • Status
  • No status because Esther and Jose are not present
  • FHIR Versions of the remaining existing Community Profiles (CMPD, PRE, DIS, PADV, PML, MTP) (Stephane)
  • Status
  • No progress
  • Discussion
  • This project is too big to do it without a real-world project in the back for funding
  • Potential stakeholdes are approached in Switzerland in 2019 via a report by Stephane
  • Pre-Prescription (Stephane)
  • Status
  • Stephane did not receive any answer on request for feedback on the CP
  • Action item: Resend the request (Stephane)

Any other business

  • Setting profiles to "Final text"
  • Decision: Topic will be discussed at F2F in Rennes

Pharmacy Technical Committee