Pharm Tech Minutes 2017.03.16

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  • Esther Peelen
  • Marc Robberecht
  • Leonidas Tzimis
  • Jose Costa Teixeira


Leonidas will be at the EAHP congress and will present the short paper on Falsified Medicines

= Discussion on white paper

  • Structure: Goal is to finish asap. Scope is more than enough to make profiles.
  • Data requirements: Best to use a high-level analysis, and not a special section for the detailed analysis. Jose will update the document accordingly.
  • How does the white paper and use cases correspond to profiles?
    • A: The goal is to list the use cases, aggregate requirements, and then re-group them in abstract actors and features that can be then recombined to implement any use case.

Document content and Actions

  • UBP name can be removed from the document
  • About relating scanning of barcodes to the information they provide:
    • Esther will look at 12 and 13 to add indication that the information from the barcodes comes from scanning.
  • About using GS1 only vs also HL7:
    • Esther confirms that GS1 is devoted to external transactions (extra mural), so may not be adequate for internal transactions.
    • We should investigate to see if we can use GS1 also for internal use.
      • If not, we can also decide that first release of the profiles would be targeted mostly at external transactions.
    • Then we decide whether to go with one standard or both.
    • GS1 has also aligned their functional model, wich means that GS1 XML, EANCOM.. are aligned and can be interchanged.

  • Transactions and priorities:

To be sent by email and collect opinions on priority and group:

  1. . Resupply request
  2. . Delivery
  3. . Inventory
  4. . Recall
  5. . Product lookup
  6. . Barcode parsing
    • Jose will send to the Supply list.
    • Jose to make the link to Supply in the MMA discussions
    • Jose also to explain how would an administration would deal with the barcode content (via parsing transactions or not).