Pharm Tech Agenda 2022.03.04

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  • Update on Sponsors
    • Current events
    • Strategy on stakeholder engagement
  • Update on work items
    • Medication Management
    • Supply
      • Whitepaper

Action asked --> review and suggest optimization

    • Vaccination
    • Others (Adverse Event, Medication Record/Lists, Catalogs)
  • Update on collaboration with other projects and SDOs
    • OpenHIE (Vaccination)
    • HL7
    • ISO
    • UNICOM
    • National initiaties
    • HL7 Belgium


  • Participants
    • Marc Robberecht
    • Anne van Berkel Meier
    • Quentin Ligier
    • Hernany Silva Costa Melo
    • João Almeida
    • Michael Tan
    • José Costa Teixeira

  • Review and Approve Agenda
    • Agenda revised with some changes


  • João brings his pharmacist and technical experience to bridge the clinical and technical actors. He has several years experience in FHIR and other standards in interoperability.
  • Quentin works as a developer and he is involved in the CDA/FHIR connector
  • Stephane works in Switzerland HUG and he
    • Stephane is working on the FHIR and CDA interoperability, and we could use some better advancements on mapping FHIR and CDA or facilitate the adoption
    • João confirms that this is a challenge also for FHIR v2. We could add something in terms of specification (mapping) or methodology etc.
    • Testing phase - projectathon

Leonidas Interested Some discussion on EAHP and membership Stephane wants to align with the Swiss rep at the EAHP. Action item: **Maybe make a short presentation for the EAHP for roadmap and interest, to raise the interest**.

Juergen explains his role in IHE Europe Board

  • **Recent challenges with FHIR maturity and standards alignment**

Hernany Interested in bringing NL effort and knowledge Action item: Perhaps asking the EC and NCPs to be "liaisons" to IHE. NL is advancing and there is a strong need to keep things international.


  • Adverse events (allergies, contraindications)
  • Medication Management
  • Medication Record

Trudy shares her experience from Managing healthcare by looking at processes, figuring out what needs to be fixed our bypassed.

Work items

  • Supply (Project lead: Jose)
    • Current Status:
  • MM FHIR profiles
    • Current Status:
  • Vaccination (Project lead Juergen)
    • Current Status:
  • Medication record (Project lead Jose)
    • Current Status:

Any other business