Pharm Tech Agenda 2020.05.15

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  • Participants

Main topics to discuss

  • ) IHE Pharmacy logical information model (agnostic, shall be instantiated in CDA or FHIR)

  • ) IHE Pharmacy FHIR resources
  • ) and relation with work of Oliver Egger for Switzerland
  • ) and relation with work of Jürgen in Austria
  • ) and relation with work of Jose in Belgium

Secondary topics to discuss

  • ) FHIR-CMPD (i.e. CMPD Actor working in a homogeneous FHIR environment, accessed through FHIR API and accessing FHIR servers)
  • ) Extended FHIR/XDS CMPD (not sure what is really possible - up to a CMPD actor being accessed either through FHIR or XDS API and accessing XDS repositories as well as FHIR servers)
  • ) MHD front-end to PHARM-1 (i.e. existing CMPD working with XDS repositories but accessed with a REST API)

Pharmacy Technical Committee