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Public Comment Review call May 5, 2017

  • Attendees: Kwekour, Amit Popat, Anna Orlova, Diana Warner, Elliot Silver, Mauro, Thomson
  • Removed the AHIMA list from the appendix
  • Used the recommended phrase
  • Updated a diagram
  • Page 14 - PID 7 segment - date time of birth - thru out the document use YYMMDD as referenced in the ISO standard. Recommend adding time zone - use IHE standard for consistent time. The change is needed on line 353
  • Bottom of page 14 - weber state university and Middlebury library references - changed verbiage.
  • Patient matching use case - SSN has dropped in popularity. email has increased in popularity as a good identifier. Thom shared article about a month ago. Also phone numbers are a good identifier. Thom will make a public comment - personal email and work email would be useful.
  • ITI/PCC plan discussion
    • ITI does not know anything about this as a national extension.
    • ITI have not received any requests from IHE USA
    • AHIMA Wanted it to be a content profile in PCC. In February realized it fit as a national extension for PAM.
    • Currently working with Art-decor on a CDA document
    • If okay with PCC to submit for public comment?
    • Mauro - Not a good idea. Folks will see is as an ITI document published in PCC domain. Concerned not reaching the right audience for this.
    • Anna suggest adding additional tables for providers and place on an expedited schedule with ITI.
    • Mauro - usually National extension does not need public comment. Extension for Germany and France did not have public comment.
    • Amit - Ownership from IHE USA is different
    • Agreement to make this work item a PCC White Paper and send it for public comment but may be published later than the current work items on the list for Mary. Will vote on call tomorrow to make it a PCC white paper. Then next cycle, will go thru ITI profile development process for National Extension.
    • Will contact Mary about publication of the white paper for public comment.