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IHE engages clinicians, health authorities, industry, and users to develop, test, and implement standards-based solutions to vital health information needs.

How to Participate in an IHE Domain Committee

First, get the stakeholder organization of which you are part to become an IHE member organization.

IHE International has a tiered annual fee structure based on the type and size of your organization.

Next, decide which committee(s) you may want to participate in. You can designate representatives to specific IHE domain committees in your application form, by sending an email to any time after that. Committees are generally open to all interested stakeholders. Any IHE member organization may designate representatives.

Each IHE committee communicates via an email list (generally a Google Group) and holds teleconferences and periodic face-to-face meetings. You will be added to the mailing list and per IHE Committee Procedures, will be added to the roster and gain voting privileges as you participate.

Each active IHE domain has a Planning and a Technical committee. The mission of each domain and the activities of their Committees are found on the Domain pages linked here:

IHE Domain Committee Pages

Domains work in annual cycles to develop and maintain their technical framework. Each domain has a homepage describing its:

  • You will receive updates concerning teleconferences, meetings and any distributed materials
  • Distribution lists use Google Groups and require you to log in using a Google account.

Contact the secretary and co-chairs of the domain you interested in with questions or interest in participating. For general questions, contact

IHE National Deployment Committees

Deployment committees are responsible for conducting activities to encourage adoption of IHE profiles including testing, education and outreach to care organizations and health authorities in their regions. They also work with domain committees where necessary to develop and publish national extensions that adapt IHE profiles to local requirements and care practices. Learn more about IHE national deployment committees at

We welcome your interest and invite your participation in IHE!