PaLM F2F Agenda 2017-Nov

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Dial-In Information

1. Please join my meeting.

Location in Cagliari (Italy, Sardinia)

Manifattura Tabacchi, viale Regina Margherita 33 - 09125 - Cagliari
url: ""
map: ""
contact: ""
Please email Francesca to inform her if you are attending either in person or remotely


The meeting site is in a central area with a wide array of accommodation options (hotels, bed&breakfasts, Airbnb rooms or small flats, …): November is not high season so it should be easy for you to find something suitable for your needs.

The hotel closest to the meeting site is: Hotel Regina Margherita – Viale Regina Margherita n. 44 (Cagliari) Contacts: CRS4 has price agreements with this hotel, available for F2F attendees citing “PaLM Face to Face Meeting – Convenzione CRS4” in your booking request.

CRS4 has a price agreement also with another hotel, more far (always citing “PaLM Face to Face Meeting – Convenzione CRS4” in your booking request): Hotel Panorama - Viale Diaz n. 231 (Cagliari)ù

You can find all the details about pricing agreements in the file attached. The negotiated costs are excellent for high season, but since we’re in the fall we recommend you also check the prices online before booking the rooms (for instance, via since you might find better low season offers there.

Please, email if you need support or further suggestions.

See also: File:Accomodation info Cagliari.pdf

Agenda: November 13-15, 2017