PaLM Conf Minutes 2024-March-13

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Diana DeAvila Raj Dash
Kevin Schap Jim Harrison
Jim McNulty Filip Migom
Norman Zerbe Ruben Fernandes
Nori @breakingparadise Jan Schutrups
Ralf Herzog Riki Merrick
Richard Preston Alessandro Sulis
Megumi Kondo Francesca Freixa

  • Porto F2F agenda 17- 19
    • Start at 9 AM – end at noon on day 3
    • Add Ruben links to hotels form IHE email
    • PT - 2 – 4 hours
    • SET Test case building
      • how to spilt the current list of tests – 2 hours
    • Administrative – 2 hours
      • PaLM Board report – 30 minutes
      • Webinar and updates 1 hour
      • Gemini Project – 30 min
    • Transfusion Profile Updates 1 hour
    • Build agenda by end of week
    • No call April 10
  • PaLM Board Report
    • Riki in process of drafting will send around prior to f2f
      • Requires updates to the IHE wiki pages
      • Need to update the profile image
    • Please email promotion activities to Riki – Alessandro email Francesca for the Telemedince
    • Raj to set up the wiki page for PT profile, Jim will help
  • Proficency Testing Profile Update
    • Jim working on the draft for review at F2F
    • Agreed on how to map data elements form CAP to HL7 and have use cases set up
    • Aspects that are different in international realm vs US would like to capture that
  • TF Updates
    • We have merged all volumes of chapter 2 into one
    • Have gotten feedback form Ralf and Ed – suggestions to leave LAW in its own volume 2b, because we have special use of OBR, OBX different from other profiles, which makes it confusing to folks
    • Options:
      • Breaking the merged version back up will be hard to ensure all links are better
      • It would be better to use the separate volumes as starting points – keep all separate volumes – and for the next publication we can then merge
      • We will have to apologize to Mary for having to apply the templates for the split volumes
  • APSR and Cancer Pathology FHIR IG and USCDI
  • DPIA Updates
    • Slides – looking at slide 26
      • For stain types discussion around use of SPM-6 vs OBX – Sectra proposes to use SPM-6
        • Free text vs coded field?
        • Use SPM-6.9 for the common stain name for description
        • SPM-5 type modifier
          • Could we use it to represent the stain instead – it also is repeating
          • Sectra is using this field to indicate additional order workflows are needed on the slide
      • Scanner has only barcode ID – but might need to get more info from LIS
      • Communication between PACS and Scanner – to be included in DPIO
      • Would need to make R and repeating – can add note that we use this for stain
      • Specimen source site should be RE, so 0..1
      • Collection method?
    • Preadopt IPC from V2.9 – for DPIA, or just DPIO – Raj to research more, currently using OBX for StudyID

Call adjourned 10:10 AM ET

Technical Framework (all):


Draft Agenda Items and RSVP: Draft Agenda items for April2024.xlsx - Google Sheets

USCDI+: USCDI+ Service Portal