PaLM Conf Minutes 2024-January-10

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Riki Merrick Rob Rae
Kevin Schap Richard Preston
Megumi Kondo Ruben Fernandes
Sam Spencer Gunter Haroske
Alessandro Sulis JD Nolen
Diana DeAvila Jan Schutrups
Jim Harrison Alessandro (Nori)
Hunter Putzke Mary Kennedy
Raj Dash Jayaprakash R

Next PaLM Meeting: February 14, 2024

Agenda items:

  • Update on PaLM TF publication (Alessandro)
    • All updates have been applied
    • Review the table for CE datatype – remove all rows that are past CE.6
      • CE was split into CWE and CNE and more fields were added in v2.5
    • Will do one more review and then send to Mary Yungers
  • IHE PaLM F2F in Porto April 16-18, 2024 agenda topics:
    • Draft of DPIO
    • DPIA updates
    • SET test creation
    • PT testing profile
    • Set up google doc for agenda – RSVP/Agenda
    • Discuss DPEC with DICOM
    • Send out google doc with RSVP (in person or remote) and solicit agenda items
  • Digital Pathology updates
    • DPIA
      • Metadata what is present along with image (stain info, magnification
        • SPM – Example from Ruben – using DICOM identifiers
          • Use SPM-6
          • We could use DICOM valuesets for fixatives vs stains
          • Also need to include antibodies – not well coded, not in SCT or DICOM (yet, but we could add the more common ones)
          • Specimen preparation sequence is important in DICOM:
            • Fixative
            • Stain
            • Antibodies
          • Would have more than one SPM – the first would have the fixative
          • Could we use SAC-27 for the fixative?
            • SAC is for the container of the same specimen, so for the slide it’s a slide and would NOT be correct to use the fixative there
            • Both SPM-6 and SAC-27 use the same HL7 table = HL70371, which is maintained by HL7, but could be mapped to SCT
          • Immunohistochemistry is a staining procedure, while some of the stains are drawn from the substance hierarchy, which would be more appropriate for the additive field
          • If you have to capture multiple staining steps, those would have to be represented with multiple specimen; could not all be on a single specimen
          • Any prior SPMs would have Specimen role as “historical” – meaning this specimen is not a provided physical SPM, but provides information about the history of the specimen
        • OBX – Example from Raj
          • One OBX for each of the steps in the DICOM specimen preparation steps
        • Use prior results section in OML message?
        • Leica Systems question (JayP):
          • Working on DPIA
          • Leica is using OBX - example: OBX||ST| StainType||104210008^Hematoxylin^Hematoxylin and Eosin Stain<CR> = should be represented as OBX||CWE| StainType||104210008^Hematoxylin and eosin stain method^SCT^^^^^^Hematoxylin and Eosin Stain<CR>
    • NA Connectathon –
      • Possibly for DPIA – (Part of the joint meeting with DICOM WG 26 at ECDP June 5 – 7, 2024?) –
      • Norman will have space; Kevin will coordinate. How much time is needed? Half day? yes
  • Proficiency testing profile updates and review of mappings of PT elements to HL7
    • Mapping CAP elements to HL7
    • Jim shared spreadsheet of data element mappings with CAP for review
    • Light blue elements are not necessary for PT, but have been mentioned by either CAP and/or SHIELD
    • Do we need to stick to HL72.5.1?
      • OBX-15 could be used to share the CAP Account number
      • We need to create a code system name for the group of CAP identifiers
    • PRT was added in 2.7
      • Instruments would not be able to create those, so
    • Easiest will be to stick to v2.5.1
    • Bring reconciled list to Porto