PaLM Conf Minutes 2024-February-14

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Riki Merrick Ralf Herzog
Kevin Schap Richard Preston
Rob Rae Kazunari Fukagawa
Sam Spencer Gunter Haroske
Alessandro Sulis Francesca Frexia
Jim McNulty Jan Schutrups
Jim Harrison Alessandro Noriaki
Megumi Kondo Mary Kennedy
Raj Dash Jayaprakash R

Next PaLM Meeting: March 12, 2024

Agenda items:

  • Agenda for Porto (April 17-19, 2024) – Please RSVP here or
    • Agenda to be created and posted
  • Publication updates
    • TF11 releases
      • Applied all the changes and Mary Jungers sent all the documents.
      • Are combining ALL Vol 2 parts into 1 part.
        • Added in the section to cover the chapter for Standards used in LAW. This is where all the special uses of the segments ORC, OBR and OBX that are LAW specific are located.
        • Updated all the section numbers based on the order of the transactions.
        • Checked all the references – updated the resulting references in Vol 1.
      • One change from Vol 2x – reference to Section 4.5 in Vol 2a in Section C.11 – Remove the sentence below to point to LRI instead for ELINCS and EHR-s reporting.
      • All Appendices are in Vol 2
      • CR have been applied to Vol 3.
      • What do we do with transactions that have been superseded?
        • They are retained in the old volumes/versions.
        • We should think more about a process to deprecate older transactions and point folks to where they need to look now.
        • Specifically for the digital pathology supplements – we should cross-map them.
        • We should find out if France did adopt the old AP profile (APSR).
    • The other two supplements are also updated.
  • Laboratory report FHIR discussion
  • PaLM webinar organization for 2024
    • What profiles do we want to highlight?
      • Try to get folks to test DPIA
      • Connectathon organization has been moved to another management group
      • We wrote the profiles in IGAMT2 ( for DPIA – Gazelle then imports the schemas into their tooling.
      • The test cases are only in the Gazelle tool.
      • We could write the same test cases in TCAMT ( and then upload them to the GVT for context-based validation and we can upload the IGAMT profiles to GVT ( for context-free validation
  • PT profile update
    • Had a good meeting with the pilot group and worked out some of the mapping issues. Mapping discrepancies should be resolved by F2F and will finalize it there.
    • Proposal for the first use case and introductory part to be written for discussion at F2F.
  • USCDI - For those outside the USA and unfamiliar: - should the CAP consider mentioning APSR?
    • Cancer protocols provide structured (list of all data elements per case – but it may not match the problem organizer approach used in CDA).
    • Should this be a USCDI+ issue? That may be too limiting as that is focused more on reporting to cancer registries.
    • Topic for Mar 13 call
  • Digital Pathology profiles
    • Raj has been working on examples for mapping to SPM-6 to DICOM elements.
    • Will need feedback from vendors; do we need all the details? Focus is ONLY on the minimum elements deeded for DICOM.
  • Mary is retiring end of this week; Kevin will be taking over as IHE Secretariat.
    • Thank you for ALL you have done!!!!
    • We will miss you SOO much!!!