PaLM Conf Minutes 2023-July-12

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Raj Dash Jim McNulty
Kevin Schap Riki Merrick
Megumi Kondo Ralf Herzog
Dan Rutz Will Humphrey
Alessandro Sulis Ruben Fernandes
Jim Harrison Jason Lowder
Sam Spencer Dan Rutz
Mary Kennedy Francesca Frexia

NEXT PaLM MEETING August 9, 2023

  • Agenda review
    • Call in September will be 9/20 to accommodate the HL7 meetings.
    • For next F2F meetings, Sectra has invited us to meet in Porto; Roche has invited us to meet in Switzerland.
  • Review F2F:
    • Action items for SET:
      • Spilt a few test cases into individual events – container producing or sending containers/specimen.
      • Review the use cases for that and update them.
      • Aiming for CAT NEXT year.
    • Action items for DPIA:
      • Review test cases in Gazelle.
    • Action items for DPIO:
      • Take second hour on Aug 9th call to continue working on this – need at least 1 vendor, 1 HL7 expert and Raj.
    • Action item joint meeting with DICOM:
      • Markus Herrmann has a lot of artifacts that have complex annotations with all the DICOM metadata; this will be helpful for reference implementations and to understand how to implement the DICOM standards including Suppl 222. Raj is looking to see if we can get access to this.
      • This will help write DPIO for the complex use cases how we can handle those.
      • Action: document the use cases that PACS and LIS need to support and map them to the LAB-1.
    • Action item for Proficiency Workflow Profile (PTW)
      • Duke is piloting working with CAP to implement proficiency testing platform.
      • It will include creating a mapping to HL7 data elements.
      • CAP Informatics Committee presented the PTW concept to CAP IT; need to spend more detailed HL7 element mapping and then need to have CAP and Duke folks review.
      • Raj will present some questions on CAP specs to CPA folks later today that will be used for input as well.
      • Take second hour on September 20th call to continue working on this.
    • Action item for device identifier in IHE LAW and other IHE specifications
      • Aug 9th planned for UDI discussions.
  • Possible next joint meeting with DICOM WG26 at PathVisions in Orlando, FL October 29 – 31, 2023.
    • Kevin to check in with DICOM (Markus) if this could work.
  • Meetings of interest – update on the wiki:
  • LTW HL7 messages
    • Need to update text that we are supporting V2.5.1.
    • Need to update in Gazelle – Alessandro will let Anne-Gaelle know that we will update.
    • Need a CP – Alessandro to write.