PaLM Conf Minutes 2023-January-11

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Riki Merrick Jim McNulty
Kevin Schap Rob Rae
James Harrison Gunter Haroske
Megumi Kondo Ralf Herzog
Dan Rutz Gianluca Pavan
Alessandro Sulis Filip Migom
JD Nolen Ruben Fernandes
Mary Kennedy

Next Meeting is February 8, 2023


  • Joint meeting with DICOM WG26
    • Around ECDP (June 14-17) preference is during pre-conference days, but that would be hard for Raj; Mary and Kevin to discussion with Norman
  • CP ballot =
    • Ralf corrected the CP-267 based on Gianluca’s corrections – changed CE to CWE in the google drive document – ADD LINK:
      • Motion to approve as corrected Ralf, Alessandro –further discussion: reference to HL7 V2.9 is not in this one, against: 0, abstain: 0, in favor: 13
      • All others besides CP-268 have passed – need to check with Raj on this one
      • Alessandro will apply the CPs accordingly
  • Gazelle testing updates
  • Digital Pathology Updates
    • Nothing new
    • Evidence Creation – also no updates
  • X e-Health
    • Not present
  • Next Call is Feb 8