PaLM Conf Minutes 2022-October-19

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Riki Merrick Jason Lowder
Gunter Ralf Herzog
Dan Rutz Gianluca Pavan
Alessandro Sulis Mary Kennedy
JD Nolen Francesca Frexia
Ruben Fernandes

Next IHE PaLM call: Nov 9, 2022


  1. Agenda review – no new items added
  2. Last EU Connectathon in Montreux - outcomes and plan for recruitment of vendors for the next event
    • First connectathon since COVID, so general lack of vendors, but for PaLM that is the problem all year
      • Had only 1 vendor for Lab testing workflow LTW – order manager and result manager (order placer and result filler), so they could not complete the testing; there are a few simulators available, but you cannot perform the test with actors that are both part of the same vendor
      • Need more vendors to attend to participate
      • How to create outreach?
        • Reach out to list of vendors who have tested PaLM profiles in the past?
        • Forward questions to industry boards in Europe?
        • Next connectathons
          • North American in Jan/Feb 2023
          • in Rennes, France – (information pending)
        • Would need to make sure to have the profiles in Gazelle
      • Would it help to add another actor to LDA and LAW – an order tracker / result tracker (audit trail); for the future, if there is industry demand – would be a new use case in those existing profiles
    • Select one or more PaLM profiles to be included in the "Highlighted IHE profiles" here:;!!Nge-QFtCGiqLqA!C5eIZ1xCz07Ylf9FRkIatRRuqaBnEqqAg386NMAijmWJwj6lIWq_qNih03Kzs6OC13jDlkMR5YKS$
      • LTW
      • LAW
  3. Statuses and future plans for SET and DPIA IGAMT message profiles and Gazelle test cases creation
    • Alessandro is working on creating DPIA and SET into Gazelle
    • We need to create a profile for each message type – they get assigned a profile OID
    • Once created it is passed over to Gazelle team for import
    • Then we need to write the test cases for each profile
      • What is being tested?
      • Instructions for the vendors
      • Instructions for the monitor to determine if test was completed
      • Need to decide how many test cases to write
      • For DPIA we could create a complex test case that includes the radiology domain transactions – Raj / Ruben to discuss
      • Looking for folks that want to help / learn how to do this
        • Write out the test cases <Link to template to be added>
      • Will start from LAW for DPIA test cases, as workflow is similar
  4. Review and final decisions for pending CPs, including Ralf's last one of August
    • Alessandro will ensure we have all 5 on the wiki, will send the vote out again for all to submit votes back
  5. Projects updates
    • DPAT White paper (Telemedicine Aid has passed public review without comments), so it will be published in the next 2 weeks
  6. Digital Pathology update
    • DPIO
      • Ruben, Raj and Mary are gathering use cases to identify the data to be exchanged between the actors – (Link to Google doc to be added)
      • The new order step is for LAB-1 and LAB-2 / LAB-3 – this would be part of the LTW
      • Then these can be used to identify the actors and then create the sequence diagrams