PaLM Conf Minutes 2022-November-09

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Riki Merrick Jason Lowder
Kevin Rob Rae
David Beckman Alex Goel
James Harrison Raj Dash
Megumi Kondo Ralf Herzog
Dan Rutz Gianluca Pavan
Alessandro Sulis Filip Migom
JD Nolen Ruben Fernandes

Next IHE PaLM call: December 14, 2022

Note: Filip Migom now at Clinisys (MIPS renamed) – his email is now

Agenda Review and Discussion:

  • CP ballot announcement
  • DPIA and SET testing plan updates
    • Alessandro created the IGAMT profiles for both DIPA and SET
      • DPIA is built on 2.5.1, but with some modifications for the pre-adoptions; HL7 v2.9.1 also helps with DPIA. It would be nice to consider it instead of v2.5.1
      • I think that it's in 2.9 that the IPC segment is included in the OML messages
      • SET is built on 2.9, but all message structures had to be created from scratch, as all are NEW
        • Since these message structures are not published yet, we will need to update to the version in which they are published
    • IGAMT new version made some edits easier and allows ability to unlock structures
    • IGAMT profiles have been shared with Anne-Gaelle for review and use in Gazelle testing tool
    • If you have a user ID for the IGAMT tool, Alessandro can share the profiles with anyone interested (email him your user ID for the IGAMT profile)
    • Gazelle Test case template –
      • Need to write the test cases for both SET and DPIA
      • New tab for each test case
      • Use this convention DIPA_1 and SET_1
      • For DPIA we can copy test cases from LAW and adjust for the domain
      • Will review on the December call
    • Has any vendor tried out the DPIA test cases?
      • Have seen some public tenders, where DPIA is listed as requirement
      • Philips were the initiator for DPIA use case, so assume they would be the ones that may have implemented
    • Gazelle can also simulate the other actor for transactions if we don’t have vendors
  • Digital Pathology Updates
    • Raj is working on CPs (Ruben is helping)
    • Looking for vendors interested in moving these profiles forward
    • DICOM connectathon had some new vendors, so potentially reach out to them
    • DICOM WG 26 will reach out before their December meeting
      • Maybe we can plan a joint connectathon with DICOM
      • Check if we can use the Gazelle tool for that – it will help with tracking the test outcomes
      • Alessandro can support
  • Project Updates
    • Digital Aid for Telemedicine has been published
    • Proficiency Testing profile
      • Have some draft document layout, but need more help there
      • Need some input from PT vendors to better understand the data elements needed to support this use case
  • X e-Health (not present)
  • Announcements for new proposals for the 2023 cycle
    • Riki will send out an announcement
  • DCC update
    • IHE is moving the documents to web publishing, we should consider this for new supplements
    • Named supplements need to be easier to find across the Technical Framework