PaLM Conf Minutes 2022-March-09

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Name Email
Alessandro Sulis
Jim McNulty
Mary Kennedy
Dan Rutz
Raj Dash
Norman Zerbe
Jim Harrison
Francesca Frexia
JD Nolen
Kevin Schap
Gunter Haroske
Filip Migom
Ralf Herzog
Will Humphrey
Megumi Kondo
Riki Merrick
Roy C
Takuya Haga
Ruben Fernandes

Next meeting: April 13, 2022


  • F2F Meeting Agenda May 2-4 in Ghent, Belgium
    • Mary to post RSVP for meeting and include draft agenda
    • Proposed Agenda
      • Digital Pathology:
        • FHIR diagnosticReport (possibly with HL7 Belgium) / DEMIS reporting (ask Sylvia Thun) ( from January 12, 2022 PaLM call) = 4 hours
          • Digital Evidence profile creation
          • Proficiency Testing profile creation
          • Preparation for meeting with DICOM WG 26
            • F2F IHE PaLM meeting at ECDP in June in Berlin (also virtual)
            • Agenda for joint meeting: How to support DICOM annotations with vendors; terminology, standardization and reporting
      • Continuation of Transfusion Medicine discussions
        • Two new profiles to be discussed:
          • TMO: Transfusion Medicine Ordering
          • TMD: Transfusion Medicine Dispense
        • Feedback on profile:
          • TMA: Transfusion Medicine Administrator
      • eXHealth discussions around CDA / FHIR
      • Meeting with Netherlands company = 4 hours
      • Updates from around the world = 1-2 hours
      • Changes to the IHE LAW / SET / Technical Framework = 1-2 hours\
      • Preparing for joint meeting with DICOM at ECDP
  • Invitation for ECDP in Berlin in June to meet with DICOM WG26
    • Riki will be there in person, but maybe others can join
    • Main agenda points – how to support DICOM annotations going forward with vendors
    • Evidence creation profile needs a vendor to help move that forward
    • Once dates/times are finalized, Mary will send a poll to ask who will be there in person and who will attend virtually
    • Time difference is +6 hours to ET – expect meeting to be in the afternoon
    • For the pre-conference day could be making virtual attendance possible for the IHE PaLM sessions, but not for the scientific sessions
    • Have dedicated sessions on terminology, standardization, and reporting
    • Have a lot of vendors for PACs and middleware in the exhibition hall - harder to have LIS vendors, most of them are only in 1-2 countries at the most
  • Ruben Fernandes (Sectra) – Spain project
    • Has been working on digital pathology but hurdles with DICOM, LIS companies and the transactions between LIS and PACs
    • DPIA is first one; using APW instead until DPIA is more built out.
    • Order filler to image manager is missing
    • Looking for the transactions we need to use for these
      • Specifically order filler and image manager – reviewed DPIA doesn’t include that transaction
        • Has LIS – Scanner and Scanner-PACS, but not PAC to LIS (match data between LIS and scanned slide data; missing between order filler and image manager = PAT-4 in APW)
    • Will implement APW for now, since that has only =
    • Several of these have not been written – here is the link to the white paper:
      • Figure 4
        • Also missing this transaction in that figure – compare to PAT-4
        • There is some difference between the requirements by DICOM and the lab order workflow – will need to study the differences
    • This project is required to use HL7 standards, so will be working on that
    • Sectra may be interested in helping with the evidence creation profile at a later date
  • Updates on current projects
    • No one on for Telemedicine
    • SET Connectahon test scripts due next month
  • eXHealth
    • not on