PaLM Conf Minutes 2022-July-13

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Riki Merrick
Raj Dash
Alessandro Sulis
Roy (MIPS)
Dan Rutz
Francesca Frexia
Jim Harrison
Ruben Fernandes
Takuya Haga
Ralf Herzog
Filip Migom
Gianluca Pavan
Jason Lowder
Jim McNulty
Alex Goel
Mary Kennedy
Kevin Schap
Mandel Mickley
Megumi Kondo
David Beckman


  • IHE PaLM F2F minutes – approve by general consent
  • Update from ECDP:
    • Markus shared this article: - this covers his presentation
    • Next Steps:
      • get test cases worked out and need coordination with DICOM WG26
      • List of vendors and their interest on which profile they would be interested in working on
    • Leica and Roche are testing with Sectra on scanner to PACs integration (DICOM side)
    • IA – needs to have integration with LIS as well as with PACs; EMPIA – presentation on use of apps – @Riki to share!
    • Should the AI results go to PACs or the LIS – depends on the data (visual should go to PACs) – create the use cases to get this worked out
    • @Kevin to reach out to DICOM WG 26 chairs for next joint meeting time(s)
  • DPAT Feedback
    • Ruben sent feedback
      • Will update the introduction around sharing documents – more about making then available to be shared – will make sure that is clear throughout the document
      • Reference to Suppl 122 would be good
      • Patient identification – should it be pointing to PIX PDQ to ensure all identifiers are linked properly?
    • Alessandro read it and will send Gianluca his comments
      • Document is very good and addresses a common and interesting problem
      • Defining all the steps of the workflow, but the workflow diagram is very complex
      • This is not a new profile, but describes a way how existing profiles are used to solve this problem
      • How would we test this – it is not a specific profile?
      • Maybe focus on a part – like sharing of documents (case 1) – may be good to aim for
    • Once incorporated, can publish the document – @Gianluca to email final document to Mary and cc the PaLM Co-Chairs
  • DPIO Update - Ruben
  • SET Update
    • Nothing new
  • CAT LAW testing
    • Issues raised by Anne Gaelle about CAT LAW profile testing
    • Main issue is that there are very few vendors to test this.
    • LAW testing – would need to have analyzer manager
    • Alessandro will make a list of vendors for the 2023 Connectathon
  • Need to get more vendors to the IHE Connectathon
    • Need to have a better strategy to reach out to potential testing vendors for Connectathon in 2023
    • Connectathon results are only valid for about 2 years
    • TO DO: Create a list of vendors and which profiles they could be testing – make that a google sheet and ask folks to enter their systems where they belong @Riki to prep the sheet
  • Transfusion Medicine
    • Nothing new and not for the next 3 months
  • e-XHealth
    • Not present
  • CP for LAW around conformance length for container identifiers
    • New GS1 specification will create 2D barcodes with length of about 60, but not exactly sure yet – there exists two Standards around that Topic:
      • AUTO14 (Patient ID based)
      • GS1 whatever (Tube ID based)
    • Should we remove the conformance length altogether?
    • Should this also apply to tray Identifier?
    • Remove Table C.11.2 – must at least be listed as CLEN, instead of LEN
    • Table points to same element, but LEN is listed there as 50
    • Remove duplicate information for sure
    • @Ralf to send draft CP out and seek feedback via list on whether to remove CLEN altogether, or if not what length to set it to
  • CRS4 is creating a Scientific School meeting will hold second part around interoperability – semantic topics – send to list so people are aware and can decide to attend