PaLM Conf Minutes 2022-December-14

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Riki Merrick Jason Lowder
Kevin Schap Rob Rae
David Beckman Alex Goel
James Harrison Raj Dash
Megumi Kondo Ralf Herzog
Dan Rutz Gianluca Pavan
Alessandro Sulis Filip Migom
JD Nolen Ruben Fernandes
Mary Kennedy Markus Herrmann
Jim McNulty Hynek Druzik

Next Meeting IS January 11, 2023

Agenda Review and discussion:

  • F2F Around EDCP 2023
    • Possible joint meeting with DICOM WG26 at European Congress on Digital Pathology (6/14-6/17 Catania, Italy)
    • DICOM is planning on connectathon at that venue
    • Need to coordinate if DICOM is meeting then
    • Connectathon joint with DICOM?
    • Mary, Kevin to both work with Norman on possible dates
    • Use this meeting to discuss how to test and get meta data across to the PACs vendors
    • We need to write the test cases and have the profiles written in IGAMT, so it can be imported into Gazelle
    • Gazelle tool includes the option to provide simulators – could explore that
    • Which PACs vendors were involved in IHE PaLM?
      • Philips, Leica, Roche
  • Gazelle Updates
    • Alessandro shared google drive link (ADD)
    • Reviewing the Gazelle test case template first
    • Drafted example test case for
      • SET
        • One test case for each use case
        • Help folks understand which IHE profile workflows is associated with each of the use cases
        • Not all apply for all vendors
        • If you consider “biobank” a specimen archive, everyone should have that
      • DPIA
        • Broadcast of IWOS = LAB—82
        • DPIA Query for IWOS = LAB-80 and LAB-82
        • Full workflow
  • DICOM Updates:
    • WG26 had discussions about Connectathons
    • DICOM excludes testing and validation from its scope and has guidelines who can talk about products etc.
    • Community has expressed interest having better testing options
    • Should the Connectathon be organized by different association – would be great to join up with IHE, since they have the background and tooling and experience – would try to join this up across international scope
  • CP outcomes
    • Line 3 – in v2.9 OML_O33 structure but in the IHE profile we only mention V2.5.1 and V2.8.2, so we will need to update those references to be V2.9
    • Line 1 – send additional result codes – the CE only has the first 6 elements – we need to update datatype to be CWE instead of CE in the change request – Ralf to update and re-send
    • All others have been approved
  • Digital Pathology update – not discussed
  • We have no new proposals for 2023, but we have the PT profile from last year
  • X-eHealth Update
  • Profiles to promote for the next Connectathon 2023
    • DPIA, SET for sure
    • @Alessandro to add the others Anne Gaelle proposed