PaLM Conf Minutes 2022-August-10

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Riki Merrick
Raj Dash
Dan Rutz
Hynek Kruzik
Jim Harrison
Ruben Fernandes
Takuya Haga
Ralf Herzog
Jason Lowder
Jim McNulty
Alex Goel
Mary Kennedy
Kevin Schap
Mandel Mickley
Megumi Kondo
David Beckman


  • Minutes – June, July, August minutes for review at next meeting
  • Next F2F meeting
    • Would normally be in November at either CAP or Japan
    • Given how many cannot travel and Japan’s restrictions it was decided to postpone the next F2F for a discussion in January for a location in Spring 2023
  • CP to change conformance lengths for identifiers (Ralf)
    • Do we want to remove C-Lengths altogether, or adjust the length?
      • Patient based identifiers are 50-60 – CLSI standard in development
      • GTIN length for containers also are 50 – 60 – GS1 standard in development
      • DICOM model uses 64
      • Base standard uses199
    • Refer to the HL7 base and add a sentence highlighting that it is no longer just 20; include identifier should never truncated and upcoming identifier standards from CLSI and GS1 are expected to support at least 50-60 characters
    • In the C-Length table we have 50 for most of these already – so make them all 50
    • Ralf will update the CP and share to the list
  • PT profile update
    • Raj and Jim are working on the use cases
  • DP Ordering
    • Ordering update – not much new
    • Raj to write up some use cases for next month
  • DP evidence creation
    • Raj to write some use cases and email them to vendors to review
    • Raj will recruit vendors to the calls
  • DPIA
    • Connectathon participation – will try to qualify and demonstrate IHE profiles at HIMSS Interoperability Showcases including HIMSS 23 in Chicago, April 17-21, 2023.
    • We will need to have example messages for this profile
    • We need to build the profile(s) in Gazelle – Riki will find out what is involved and worth with Raj
  • Specimen information sequence for preparing slides
    • Send multiple SPM segments (in DICOM H&E is 2 stains, but in the real world that is considered one stain); SPM-6 repeats, so could include both, but dBs are not set up for that
    • Paraffin embedding is also several steps in DICOM, but also represented as a single element in LIS
    • Also would need to identify if fixative or stain for translation to DICOM
    • Frozen (that is not an additive)
    • Example: BF10^Buffered 10% formalin^HL70361~^^^311731000^Paraffin wax^SCT~^^^12710003^Hematoxylin^SCT~^^^36879007^Water soluble eosin^SCT
  • RPC updates - Alex
  • X-eHealth update
    • Have finalized the document and handed over to the commission
    • Created a guideline paper submitted to Heals (@Hynek – is this the correct journal?)
    • Baseline for the future specification for Cross-border exchange
    • Working on implementable specification for CDA – a few of the questions are still pending CPs for IHE XD-Lab – Juergen is working on that
    • now working on FHIR representation for lab result
    • HL7 OO has taken up paradigm of ordering in FHIR – focus on lab first – calls are Fridays 10 – 11 AM EDT – Call info: