PaLM Conf Minutes 2022-April-13

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Name Email
Mary Kennedy
Dan Rutz
Raj Dash
Ralf Herzog
Jim Harrison
Francesca Frexia
Alex Goel
JD Nolen
Kevin Schap
Gunter Haroske
Filip Migom
Riki Merrick
Will Humphrey
Megumi Kondo
Jim McNulty
Gianluca Pavan
Takuya Haga
Ruben Fernandes
Gregorio Canal
Tobias Dahlberg
Francesca Vanzo

Next meeting: May 2-4, 2022

Discussion and F2F agenda

  1. For Digital Pathology are moving away from 3 letter acronym to DP- and then two for the profile part
  2. DP- missing the IO profile from the white paper - DPIO has a drawn transaction between ac manager and Order filler? Isn’t that DP-IA?
  3. Agenda for meeting in Ghent
  4. Prep for meeting with DICOM 26
    • F2F IHE PaLM meeting at ECDP in June in Berlin (also virtual)
    • Riki (zoom and Jabra for IHE PaLM) will be in person
    • Agenda with DICOM: How to support DICOM annotations with vendors; terminology, standardization and reporting, evidence creation, DP-OR, mapping of HL7 FHIR elements into DICOM
  5. Continuation of Transfusion Medicine discussions
    • Two new profiles for discussion
      • TMO: Transfusion Medicine Ordering
      • TMD: Transfusion Medicine Dispense
    • Feedback on TMA profile
  6. Changes to the IHE LAW / SET Technical profile
  7. Administration - review of PaLM documents, wiki, google drive repositories.
  8. Three Change proposals (Alessandro) – we might also add the inclusion of the 3 CPs we are voting for. Should they be included in a new release of the TFs planned for this year? Or they are "too minor changes" to justify a new release of all the TFs in 2022?

Updates on current projects

  1. DP White Paper update: received some comments for discussion
  2. Radiology Pathology Concordance
  3. Looking for feedback on the workplan draft for the SET test cases in Gazelle