PaLM Conf Minutes 2021-September-08

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Name Email
Francois Macary
David Clunie
James McNulty
Alessandro Sulis
Dan Rutz
Filip Migom
Raj Dash
Megumi Kondo
Jim Harrison
Ralf Herzog
JD Nolen
Francesca Frexia
Nick Haarselhorst
Mary Kennedy
Gunter Haroske
Riki Merrick
Brian Bialecki
Gianluca Pavan Arsenal.IT
Alex Goel
David Beckman
Gregorio Canal Arsenal.IT
John Spinosa
Mandel Mickley
Norman Zerbe
Victor Brodsky
Liora Alschuler

Next meeting: October 13, 2021


  • F2F Updates -> Ghent 2022?
    • Digital Path conference in spring in Europe
    • HL7 is in the US – May 8-13
    • Ghent flowers – April 29 – May 8
    • Possibly May 2 – 4 (2.5) – Save the date for Ghent
  • SET updates (Public comment period opened, Alessandro, Francesca)
  • New Project updates
    • RadPath Correlation profile
      • Sent in August; feedback and comments resolved
      • current draft is here:
      • Fairly new method for achieving correlated results, but it is still based on US quality measures and also based on 2 IHE profiles in QRPH WG
      • Proposed vendors
        • Epic has
        • Intuitive (pathology)
        • Missed one (pathology)
        • Nuance (radiology)
        • CAP had meetings with several vendors as well
      • John Moehrke suggested to create a FHIR IG on the IHE Template
        • Will do after the comment period closes and comments applied
      • Cross profile considerations are named for both SDC and APSR
      • Timing would be for demo project to the connectathon
      • Reviewing example:
        • FHIR Measure = definitional resource defines the correlation
        • FHIR observation – one for Pathology result and the radiology result – these would come out of the DiagnosticReport resources
        • MeasureReport – compiles the results of the 2 observations based on the definitions in the Measure resource
        • Expected coding is SNOMED CT which should work with any terminology serviceable in FHIR – ICD, LOINC, SNOMED CT etc
        • The definitional resource of MEASURE defines the terminology being used
  • DPIA Update
    • We were not describing the glass slide separately from the tissue
      • Created a CP for the DPIA profile to add in SAC to describe the container

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