PaLM Conf Minutes 2021-November-10

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Name Email
Alessandro Sulis
James McNulty
Kevin Schap
Dan Rutz
Raj Dash
Megumi Kondo
Jim Harrison
Ralf Herzog
JD Nolen
Francesca Frexia
Gunter Haroske
Gianluca Pavan Arsenal.IT
Alex Goel
David Beckman
Gregorio Canal Arsenal.IT
Jurgen Brandstatter
Hynek Kruzik
Juan Antonio De Los Cobos
Christof Gessner
Ebaad Ahmed
David de Mena

Next meeting: December 8, 2021

  • Review of work proposals for 2022
    • No New proposals. Deadline has expired.
    • In situations like these, we have extended the deadline in case there are proposals that just hadn't been submitted yet.
    • Deadline to be extended.
    • CAP may have a proposal coming soon related to proficiency testing
  • Updates related to Sample Identification Profile
    • No updates for this call
    • Postpone for next month
  • Review any comments on Supplements:
    • Radiology Pathology Concordance (RPC)
      • No new comments on the forum or the wiki.
      • Public comment period expired, so Alex Goel can move on to submitting to Mary Jungers.
    • Follow up on the National Cancer Institute’s Imaging Data Commons (IDC)
      • Markus Herrmann not on the call
      • Postpone for next call
  • Update on publications for
    • SET
      • No comments during the public comment period that expired last month.
      • Alessandro to write email to Mary Jungers to ask her to move on to publication.
      • Mary Jungers said that if we are ready in the next week, then she will finalize the document, and then the PaLM will give a final approval.
    • DPIA comments
      • Riki submitted change proposal.
      • There was a request for votes with a deadline of two weeks. Deadline is November 18th.
      • Can likely approve on the next call
  • Update on new projects
    • Digital Pathology Aid for Telemedicine (DP-AT)
      • Gianluca has a few new updates, new version will be available next week.
      • Two major systems now highlighted in graphic
        • Imaging Consumer system
        • Imaging Producer system
      • Requesting comments on the 2nd chapter
  • Representation of laboratory results in patient summaries
    • Updates to this older proposal
    • Lead by Riki, not on the call
    • Ralf & JD
      • Crosswalked SET with the specimen model
      • May be outstanding votes on the message structure
  • Digital Pathology and Structured Reporting (SR)
    • Gunter is working with the medical informatics initiative in profiling the diagnostic report in questionnaires and question responses.
      • Convinced it should be possible but no significant progress yet.
    • Would be helpful to have guidance document indicating when to use which profile for representing data.
  • General Comments
    • How to vote on different things?
        • Send email directly to Mary Kennedy (

Second hour (to listen to recording of second hour: Passcode: @r3&sg@&)

  • Lab Initiatives in Europe
    • Introduction Round
      • Joined by:
        • Jurgen Brandstatter
        • Hynek Kruzik
        • Juan Antonio De Los Cobos
        • Christof Gessner
    • X-eHealth introduction (Jürgen)
      • A project of the EU
      • Funded with EU commission money
      • Already connected to the prework of cross border clinical data exchange. MyHealthEU
      • Some countries already have national contact point. Idea is each country installs a national contact point for other countries to reach to.
      • Data is queried and transferred across the borders.
      • Started with patient summary sharing.
      • How will labs get funding to map their local codes to these shared codes?
        • Responsibility ends at the country level and not at the hospital level. Member states need to work out internally how they will coordinated this work.
      • Representing lab test identity is difficult. How will you represent if the results are interoperable.
        • This is one of the major issues we have. Could not find data structures in the profile.
        • Added fields for device, kit, calibrator, procedure/method. Would like more input.
        • Would like to form a task force between the two groups to work on this particular document being reviewed.
      • Project has a scientific advisory board. Can officially involve anyone who would like to join that.
      • Timeline says they should finish specification in April 2022. Issues must be resolved by then. The paper is then in draft and out for review to become a European standard. This standard is really for NCP to NCP communication.
      • Would like to have timely meetings with PaLM to work through these issues.
  • Overview on the issues
    • 19 different issues. In different types.
      • Guidance
      • Potential CP
      • Informational for IHE
  • Finding a schedule for our working sessions
    • Would like a series of 1,2, or 3 working meeting to get through the issues.
    • Would like meetings to be timely.
    • May need to recruit back some of the people originally involved in XD-LAB. PaLM responsible for updating it.
    • Can dedicate the second hour of our December meeting for this. Might also use 30 minutes of the first hour.
    • If a smaller workgroup is interested, email Mary and Kevin to indicate interest.
    • Dr. Dash to confirm key people will be available then.
    • Jurgen to send spreadsheet of issues with references to where they are looking in XD-Lab