PaLM Conf Minutes 2021-May-12

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Name Email
Francois Macary
Riki Merrick
Alessandro Sulis
Dan Rutz
Filip Migom
Raj Dash
Megumi Kondo
Jim Harrison
Ralf Herzog
JD Nolen
Francesca Frexia
Nick Haarselhorst
Mary Kennedy
Gunter Haroske
Brian Bialecki
Gianluca Pavan Arsenal.IT
Alex Goel
David Beckman
Gregorio Canal Arsenal.IT
Sujith Nair
Kevin Schap
Mandel Mickley
Norman Zerbe
Victor Brodsky

Next meeting: June 9, 2021 and meeting with DICOM WG 26 on June 15


  • IHE PaLM – DICOM WG26 June 15th - 3 -5 PM Central European Time
    • Topics to be worked out with Mikael and Marcus and then send to Norman
    • Best to have at least 2 weeks in advance
    • Next Steps: Send topics to Mary by May 21
      • So far we have below:
        • Transferring an annotation back and forth
        • Highlighting the annotation / region of interest to be reviewed
  • F2F meeting update
    • Still on the calendar for September, as by end of July we should be getting back to “normal”, unless the Indian variant is not covered well by the vaccine
  • Digital Pathology Aid for Telemedicine
    • Have updated the diagrams by splitting it out into easier use case representation
    • Addresses security separately based on ITI profiles
    • How do we recruit vendors to help validate that these transactions are correct
      • Pathology PACS
        • Septra, Inspirata, Carista
        • Routing of the consultation:
    • Can you re-route to another consultant (because the originally assigned is away) or have more than one (junior and supervisor both review) on one image?
      • The task manager could specify what system the task is assigned to
      • Currently don’t know the performer until then
      • No limit on the number of systems that tasks can be assigned to
      • For re-routing would have to be a cancel and request
    • Can a choice be added on the fly or can this only be done with per-assigned systems?
      • System A knows the provider for the task
      • Task manager assigns the performer
      • But both would have to have a list of systems available to perform the tasks
      • So it is pre-configured
      • Per the white paper the security and BAA would have to be in place
    • How to define a document set = How do I define a region of interest on a specific slide in a set of multiples?
      • Could we rename “System A” to “Requestor” and “System B” to be the “Consultant”?
      • RAD-68 transaction allows you to specify the manifest of the documents
      • Also see:
      • RAD-111 has reference to the image that you want reviewed (from A to Task Manager)
      • How to transfer a link to an annotation / region of interest
      • Can the transactions support sending back
      • XRRWD has the specifics around details like urgency for review etc. – need to review those
      • Also should align with the archive transactions
      • Should support DICOM Supplement 222
    • How are annotations handled?
      • In radiology this is new topic, there is a white paper out – bring this up as topic for the joint meeting
      • DICOM only goes to the image level, but not any deeper
      • Have not yet considered the web-based profile from DICOM
    • Topics for DICOM joint meeting:
      • Transferring an annotation back and forth
      • Highlighting the annotation / region of interest to be reviewed
    • Next steps:
  • SET update
    • Have collected comments from the review
      • Will fix the typos for sure
      • Some discussion needed:
        • Can you collect a specimen without having a label available already?
          • Not in scope of this profile at this time
          • Also may be a legal requirement to have containers be labeled prior to collection
        • SPM-2 and SPM-3 need to be distinguished
        • SAC-3 and SAC-4 need to be distinguished
        • Will add clarification around the order related comments
      • Will update and publish for comment by end of May
      • Here are the comments for all
  • RadPath profile update via chat: