PaLM Conf Minutes 2021-June-09

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Name Email
Markus Herrmann
Kenichi Takahashi
Alessandro Sulis
Dan Rutz
Raj Dash
Megumi Kondo
Ralf Herzog
Francesca Frexia
Nick Haarselhorst
Mary Kennedy
Gunter Haroske
David de Mena
Gianluca Pavan Arsenal.IT
Alex Goel
David Beckman
Sujith Nair
Kevin Schap
Will Humphrey

Next meeting: June 15, 2021 with DICOM WG26


  • IHE F2F in Ghent Belgium – Tentative dates are September 8-10
    • Depends on COVID restrictions
  • Meeting request from Digital Pathology = ESDIP
    • Meet with DICOM on June 15th 3 – 5 PM Central European time
      • Agenda topics to include:
        • DPIA
        • DICOM annotation work
  • DPIA LAB-80 and container ID discussion at DICOM joint meeting
    • Discussed at DICOM WG 22
    • Two aspects: most of current use case have same specimen and container ID
    • HL7 supports separate IDs; how will LIS support this?
    • DICOM and HL7 both allow different values for them
    • Should provide capability of both
    • LIS do not have separate specimen and container ID (e.g., tube of blood)
    • DICOM says can use both but took over HL7
    • Important to have the capability in DPIA
    • Need to establish a real-world use for this
    • Will be discussed at joint meeting with DICOM on June 15
    • Specimen is a special type of container per Raj
    • Dan – has not seen specimen and containers different; there is a container of container in a storage system; unclear of answer; difficult in real world to do
    • Specimen ID should be considered a type of container per Raj
    • An additional aspect that DICOM WG-26 would like to discuss in joint meeting, is the selection of schemes/systems and value sets for coding anatomical concepts and pathological findings.
  • Topics for DICOM joint meeting
    • 1. Transferring an annotation back and forth
    • 2. Highlighting the annotation / region of interest to be reviewed
    • 3. DPIA LAB-80 and Container ID discussion
  • RadPath reporting update
  • Progress being made on use cases
  • Transactions: 1. Form filler to creator; 2. Send concordance report 3. Retrieve concordance report
  • Transactions will be done in FHIR
  • Creating a possible library of measures
  • Form submission – might be removed because adds a lot of complexity
    • Should specify form submission? Or leave it open to implementors
    • Form submission looks at capturing the data to calculate the measure might not need to be in scope; assume the system has the data; just doing the assessment of the concordance
    • Will put in SDC and APSR considerations and will put in a description of how to capture data using either of those
    • In profile - Agnostic to how data was captured if you can put the data in FHIR observation
  • LAW discussion
    • Issue: Up to now the IHE LAW profile is not allowing the sending of Alternate Identifiers together with normal Identifiers while LOINC is recommending it: “The OBX-3 slot allows 2 sets of triplets, one for your local concept and one for the concept from the vocabulary standards.”
    • 3 options presented by Ralf:

Picture1 06092021.png

Picture2 06092021.png

Picture3 06092021.png

  • Discussion:
    • Do we want to have alternate IDs?
    • Alessandro – for 2 and 3 there could be cases for both
    • Ralf prefers #2 and Alessandro agrees
    • Ralf will put through a change proposal
    • LAW – LIS and instrument; why need an alternative code or may not know what a LOINC is. What is the use case? Instruments can have local defined code set and then need to distinguish between local and alternative code.
  • SET
    • Release date is postponed to June 30; Alessandro will inform Mary J
    • There is still time to send comments
  • Digital Pathology Aid for Telemedicine -Gianluca
    • Completed chapters and use cases
    • Specified and resolved issues from last meeting; (RAD-55 and RAD-69)