PaLM Conf Minutes 2021-April-14

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Name Email
Francois Macary
Rikki Merrick
Alessandro Sulis
Dan Rutz
Filip Migom
Raj Dash
Megumi Kondo
Jim Harrison
Ralf Herzog
JD Nolen
Francesca Frexia
Nick Haarselhorst
Mary Kennedy
Gunter Haroske
David de Mena
Brian Bialecki
Gianluca Pavan Arsenal.IT
Alex Goel
David Beckman
Gregorio Canal Arsenal.IT
Sujith Nair

Next meeting: May 12, 2021

  • IHE F2F in Ghent Belgium – Tentative dates are September 8-10
    • Depending on COVID restrictions
    • Mary to send out Save the Date - Tentative
  • Meeting request from Digital Pathology = ESDIP
    • Meet with DICOM on June 15th 3 – 5 PM Central European time
      • DPIA
      • DICOM annotation work
      • Mary will let Norman know and will send out announcement of meeting.
  • SET:
    • Document was updated for review.
    • Track changes are on.
      • Added PRT segment
        • Different codes for PRT-2 and PRT-4, which are required fields based on the use case.
          • PRT-2 Action Code – lets the receiver know what to do with the data in the segment.
            • In v2.9 OO introduced the code SP for snapshot to indicate that we are sending just the most recent.
          • PRT-4 – Participation
            • This is user defined table, so we can add codes, when needed.
            • Can be human, organization or machine depending on the use case – applicable to ALL use cases MUST pick one of these at minimum.
            • What happens when a person uses 2 different devices to collect a specimen; what do we use? An example is a radiology technician that takes the image.
              • We are looking for the decision maker.
              • PRT segment can repeat in the base, so we could also capture the devices there.
          • Do we need codes for each of the use cases?
            • Yes – field is required.
              • Collector
              • Storage
              • Processing Entity
              • Could we come up with a single code to use across most use cases?
                • Maybe. Alessandro to review.
        • Chose the same PRT fields if possible. Can we change the use of PRT-7 and use either PRT-5, PRT-8 or PRT-10?
      • Added EVN segment.
      • Added Appendix for example messages.
      • Publication for comment is planned for end of May.
      • Next steps:
        • Alessandro will send link to updated document out by 4/16.
        • ALL review and send feedback to Alessandro by 4/30.
  • Rad/Path Correlation Profile (Alex)
    • Completed first draft of five use cases.
    • Added concordance scoring.
    • Multi-disciplinary scoring and tumor board
    • Working on transactions and actor descriptions
      • These will need to be reviewed by the DCC if there are new actors and new transactions.
    • Creating samples of three FHIR resources to use:
      • Observation; Measure (definitional); MeasureReport (instance)
      • Would be good to have vendors give feedback.
        • Several vendors are attending project calls every other week.
        • There are not many products that do this, only papers / products.
        • What about Ibex?
          • They have a prostate concordance checker, so should reach out to them – Mary will send contact info to Alex.
    • Alex will update the wiki page and also create the project’s wiki page for the profile.
      • Should we include SDC here?
        • We should include reference to both APSR and SDC – hopefully it wouldn’t matter which “package” the observation resource that the measure is on comes from.
  • Telemedicine
    • Will give their presentation on the next call.
  • Next meeting May 12